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Monday, November 28, 2022

Top 5 Secrets no one tells you about SSB Psychology tests

Top 5 Secrets no one tells you about SSB Psychology tests  

Start Your Preperations

Let us assume that your friend has been to the SSB interview recently and couldn’t make it. He is likely to tell you all the stuff that went wrong according to him but never tells you the actual reason!

You may be wondering why? It is because he himself isn’t aware of the reasons.

This is one of the most discussed complaints of candidates that they don’t get reports of their testings which can help them improving on those particular weak spots. But wait! Do you get such inputs in any interview? The answer is No

ssb psychology tests secret

Here’s a catch, they want you to identify your flaws yourselves. That’s the best way you can fix them. Unless there is a self realization of your weakness, you won’t move an inch to overcome them because they aren’t even weaknesses for you since you haven’t identified them.

So, Let us learn the 5 Secrets that no one tells you about SSB psychology tests
1.) Self-Introspection
ssb psychology tests secret

Sit down one day with pen and paper and ask your parents to be genuine and tell you about the things they don’t like about you. Get it done from other people as well who are significantly close to you e.g Your cousin, Friends Once you are done with that take sometime in silent space and “ANALYSE” all those points that others have written about you. Now you know the areas which needs improvement

2.) Revision of Your Thoughts 
ssb psychology tests secret

You would have experienced this before. When you look at yourself in a video or a picture 5-10 years old, you start developing a funny thought about yourself as to how different you were then and How much ” BETTER” you are now. It is the same if you ever get to glance at the letters, essays that you wrote ages ago.

This example is to help you understand that when you revise your responses of TAT, WAT, SRT’s again and again, you can be a lot better in re-framing the response.

3.) A Friend in need 
ssb psychology tests secret

If by any chance you know a friend who is also preparing for the SSB interview – Get in touch with him ! Start preparing together. Share your views, responses, ideas together. This will help both of you in enhancing your preparations. Further, you will come across many original ideas and views on the way.    

4.) Who are You ?

ssb psychology tests secret

If you ever get a chance to ask an Ex-SSB officer about the types of candidates that come to SSB. He will possibly tell you about 3.

One    – Those who have it (OLQs) in them and can show them as well

Two   – Those who have it (OLQs) in them but are not able to show them

Three – Those who do not have it (OLQs) in them

*OLQs = Officer like Qualities 

5.) Wake up – Don’t be a loser 

ssb psychology tests secret

You were shy when you were asked to dance/sing. So you quit the idea and became a loser.

You were shy when you were asked to represent in Speech/Debate. So you made excuses and became a loser.

You were asked to lead the team. But you doubted your potential and became a loser.

You thought you would be embarrassed and never came up with a point in Group discussion and eventually became a loser.

Grow Up – You have one life to prove Yourself. Open up and express your thoughts and views without any hesitation.

You would have been a loser throughout the beginning and no one can change that. However, now You can bring in that change in you and have a Brand new ending where You are a WINNER.


BlogsTop 5 Secrets no one tells you about SSB Psychology tests
BlogsTop 5 Secrets no one tells you about SSB Psychology tests


  1. Nice Blog about Physcology. It’s Helpful and works as a Self Motivator for a Commoner like Me & with No Defence Background. I actually did Similar Self Analysis & Shared it with my Colleagues but Nobody Nobody has revealed or reverted with Feedback with me. What should I do.


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