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Thursday, January 27, 2022

How To Write Self Description In SSB Interview [Tips And Tricks]

How To Write Self Description In SSB Interview [Tips And Tricks]

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How To Write Self Description In SSB Interview [Tips And Tricks]. The Self Description (SD) entails asking the candidate to write down, as to what, in his/her opinion the following people think about him/her:

  • Your parents.
  • Teachers.
  • Your friends.
  • You yourself.

The candidate is required to write down his/her own opinion about what they think about him/her.

Both, the positive aspects of his/her personality and the areas that he/she feels needs to be improved are required to be mentioned for each category.

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Salient aspects to be borne in mind while writing Self Description (SD):
  1. Do not write more than three odds lines for each category. Be brief and precise while writing the opinion’s of your parents/guardians, teachers/employer, friends/colleagues, and yourself.
  2. Never copy someone else’s SD. Speak from your heart and you could actually take a feedback from all the above category of people to write an authentic SD.
  3. The SD must comprise of some high points of your personality and one odd perceived area of improvement in each category.
  4. In case during the interview, the IO asks you about your weaknesses, you should also be ready with some examples from your life. For e.g. where you took time to become friends, or where you got impatient, etc.
  5. Lastly, SD is very exclusive to your personality, and hence must be written in your own words. Write straight from your heart keeping the above cardinals in mind.
Tips For Writing SD:
  1. Do not write OLQs/ qualities while describing the opinion, e.g. do not say, “My parents feel I am very hard working, trustworthy and obedient son/daughter”. Rather, say how they perceive you as hard working, reliable and obedient, e.g. say, “My parents always include me in all important decisions to be taken at home (shows trustworthy). They always entrust me with difficult tasks and challenges concerning our family matters and issues pertaining to others amongst our near and dear ones as they feel I have the ability to handle them well and would never let them down (shows hard working, resilient and obedient person).
  2. While writing a perceived area of improvement in each category, make sure not to use very strong language to describe it. Also see to it that such shortcoming is not something which is very deep-seeded and irretrievable. For e.g. rather than saying that “My friends tell me that I’m too choosy while making friends and also that I get aggressive at times”, you could say, “ My friends feel that I take a little bit of time to open up (choosy to make friends), but once I do, I am a highly friendly person and also that I get a bit impatient at times when things do not go my way. However, I have started making a conscious effort to remain more composed and accept things as they come.




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