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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Tips For Lecturette in SSB Interview

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Lecturette In SSB Interview

This is the last task of GTO day one in SSB interview. This is an individual indoor task conducted on Day 3. Each candidate is required to give a Lecturette on a small talk on a subject. The time given for preparation is 3 minutes and 3 minutes to deliver the lecture. The candidate gets four topics on a card, and he has to choose one. In order to give good lecture on a topic, the candidate should be aware of the topic in detail with facts and fissures. He should be able to put across his views in a manner, in the time given.

Qualities that GTO observes in Lecturette:

Various Qualities expected to be demonstrated –

  • Expression (verbal)
  • Self Confidence
  • Ability to influence
  • Reasoning Ability

Qualities likely to be demonstrated –

  • General Awareness
  • Liveliness
Here are some of the important tips which will help you to excel in Lecturette during SSB interview.

1. Choose any of the topics but advised to select 2 or 3 for convenience.

2. Give a brief introduction , actual cause and nature of topic selected, deep mature thought over its ascent over mankind, its positive and negative effects , a small example if possible to explain clearly your perceived thought.

3. While giving your lecture, report your topic to the GTO and then proceed. Look into the eyes of group members and not the GTO while giving lecturette.

4. Make a prior preparation of one topic which you like in case that you cannot speak on any of the topics given then ask for permission from GTO to talk on your topic.

5. Recollect 4-5 main thrust points of your topic, add collaborates on them.

6. When you face the audience and speak, introduce and explain the topic. For example, if you have chosen to talk an environmental solution, start like this :

Respected Sir, and friends, the topic I have chosen for……………..In many problematic issues affecting the society and humanity as a whole you as a responsible individual have to play a part- you are expected to contribute your might to it. You should say, “ The government is doing this, that and this ———, we as the younger generation can and should do this. Thereafter, end the topic, properly winding it up with the optimistic note.

7. Never resort to mannerisms and notice.

8. Never try to put on an artificial accent.

9. Your natural self and concentration on the whole group and don’t patronize one side of the group or an individual.

10. Stand erect in a balance manner. Even the way you stand and face the group, suggest something of your personality and demeanour.

11. Don’t give wrong facts and figures.

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BlogsTips For Lecturette in SSB Interview
BlogsTips For Lecturette in SSB Interview
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