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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Important idioms and phrases for AFCAT 1 2023

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Important idioms and phrases for AFCAT

Idioms and phrases are extremely important in context to AFCAT 2023 exam. They have been asked almost every time and carries at least 15 to 18 marks. The English section consists of Comprehension, Error Detection, Sentence Completion/ Filling in of correct word, Synonyms, Antonyms and Testing of Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases. This year AFCAT (1) 2023 will be conducted on 24th, 25th and 26th February.

Black sheep (a disgraceful figure): do not be a Black Sheep in the Battalion,  be a good Soldier.

A bone of contention (a cause of quarrel): Kashmir is a Bone of contention between India and Pakistan.

A red letter day (an important day) 15th  August 1947 is a red letter day in the history of India.

Rolling stone (a person who never stays at one place): Most of the political leaders are like a rolling stone.

A wild goose chase (search for something not existing): Pakistan’s help to terrorists in Kashmir will prove a wild goose chase.

At sixes and sevens (in a disorderly condition): Do not put the books at sixes and sevens in the room.

Bag and baggage(completely): Yesterday, he came here with bag and baggage.

Birds of a feather (persons of the same kind of or class): Birds of a feather flock together.

Black and white (in writing): Give your statement in black and white.

Blow one’s own trumpet (boast) nobody likes him because he is in the habit of blowing his own trumpet.

Bread and butter (material welfare) friends become foes when it is the question of bread and butter.

Give in (to surrender)  The Rajput soldiers used to give in when their king was killed.

Splitting hairs (disputing over petty points): It is no use splitting hairs with your neighbours.

The fourth estate (a term applied to press): Due to the increasing role of the press in the democratic system it is regarded as the fourth estate.

To be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth (to be born in prosperous circumstances) a few examples are about those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, have done well in history.

To face the music (to face trouble)  the persons who took part in the communal riots are now facing the music.

Greenhorn (inexperienced person): Mr Rajat seems to a greenhorn to discharge the duties as Principal.

To feel the pulse (to find out the secret opinion): The blueprints were shown to the investigators to feel the pulse.

To grease the palm (to bribe): In almost all departments there is much of corruption that you cannot get anything done unless you grease the palm of officials.

idioms and phrases afcat 2023
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Earth-hunger (Spirit of Imperialism): in the 19th century there was an earth hunger among the European nations.

To have all one’s eggs in one basket (to risk all one’s goods in the same venture): it is not wise to have all one’s eggs in one basket.  A good businessman invests his money in trades of different nature.

To have an axe to grind (a personal interest to fulfil): I suspect your friend has an axe of his own to grind.

To hit the nail on the head (to touch the exact point): There is no use of talking about irrelevant things to hit the nail on the head.

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BlogsImportant idioms and phrases for AFCAT 1 2023
BlogsImportant idioms and phrases for AFCAT 1 2023
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