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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Best Books for AFCAT 1 2023 Written Exam

Bestseller Books For Your preparation

Is scoring 200+ your objective for AFCAT (1) 2023? If Yes, then this write up is meant for you. Achieving border line marks in AFCAT isn’t enough. For instance there are candidates who manage to get just borderline score and eventually they are merit out at final stage making all their Interview preparations go in vain.

AFCAT exam structure

You must be aware of the basic structure of AFCAT exam. If not, glance at the table below

ExamQuestionsMarksTime Duration
AFCAT100 Questions300 Marks2 hours
AFCAT exam Structure and pattern

AFCAT exam includes 100 Questions carrying 3 Marks each. The 100 Questions are divided into 4 sections. Table below explains the pattern much better

SectionQuestions MarksImpression
English25 75Tough
General knowledge2575Dynamic
AFCAT Syllabus Pattern

There is no individual cut off for these section and candidate writing AFCAT exam has to achieve at least 50% or more to clear the exam.

So says the cut off trend for last 12 AFCAT exams. Also, Cut off for AFCAT has never been higher than 160 Marks i.e 53%

afcat cut off trend year wise
AFCAT year wise cut off trend graphical representation

Firstly, we will deconstruct each section in detail to know smart analytics that will help in AFCAT preparation beginning with the english Section first.

AFCAT English

Is English in AFCAT always tough? Thats certainly not true. Toughness is subjective and depends on how prepared you are.

Generally English section in AFCAT does contain topics that are tough for average candidate. The graph below explains the topics asked in AFCAT with their respective weightage.

best book afcat
Afcat english syllabus stats
TopicsWeightage and Marks Impression
Antonym6-9 MarksAverage difficulty
Synonym6-9 MarksAverage difficulty
Fill ups9-12 MarksScoring
Sentence completion9-12 MarksScoring
Error detection9-12 MarksScoring
Comprehension9-12 MarksEasiest
Idioms & Phrases12 MarksToughest
Vocabulary12 MarksTrickiest
AFCAT English topic wise weightage

The most scoring topics are error detection, sentence completion, fill ups and comprehension. To sum up we can say at least 39-42 marks can be secured easily by practicing these topics.

For idioms and phrases, antonym, synonym & vocabulary you need to be reading a lot of books, be it any genre to add up any more marks to 42. Start with fiction or books on defence

Here is a book recommendation to start with

AFCAT General knowledge

Next section is General knowledge. GK is a dynamic section that contains questions from various topics. Most importantly, when writing the paper this section will cost you the least time but the most negative marks.

It is because you either know the answer or you don’t. And after a point you start calculating to take risks on questions you aren’t sure about in the fear of not being able to attempt maximum number of questions.

So, How do you make sure you ace General Knowledge? Let us first look at the pattern of GK section

best book afcat
Afcat gk syllabus stats
TopicsWeightage and Marks Impression
History9 MarksAverage difficulty
Geography12 MarksAverage difficulty
Civics3 MarksAverage difficulty
Politics3 MarksAverage difficulty
Current Affairs6-9 MarksAverage difficulty
Environment 6 MarksAverage difficulty
Basic Science12-15 MarksAverage difficulty
Defence6 MarksEasy
Art6 MarksEasy
Culture6 MarksEasy
Sports12 MarksEasy
AFCAT GK topic wise weightage

Now you know GK needs some serious preparations. For general GK, I’d refer you 5000+ MCQs book. For current affairs Download One liners AFCAT CURRENT AFFAIRS here

Above all, make sure that you resist yourself from making guesses using calculated risks. Do not attempt if you don’t know the answer. On the other hand, you have done exceptional if you were able to mark 15 correct answers in GK Section out of 25. And believe me you can easily pull off 45 marks from GK section.

AFCAT Mathematics

Next is the most important section, the “Mathematics” section. Why is it important?

It is because Mathematics is the only section where you solve to get an answer. So you either know the answer or you don’t. Aim for solving ALL the questions in maths section! Yes, you read it right. You should solve all.

But here’s the thing that AFCAT mathematics is also tricky and hence you need to be firstly aware of certain tricks and short cut methods to solve questions in a jiffy.

best book afcat
afcat maths syllabus stats
TopicsWeightage and Marks Impression
Decimal fraction3-6 Markseasy
Time and distance12 MarksAverage difficulty
Work and time9-12 MarksAverage difficulty
Ratio and proportions6-9 Markseasy
Simple and compound interest6-9 Markstricky
Percentage3-9 Markstricky
Profit and loss9 Markstricky
Average6-9 Markseasy
AFCAT Maths topic wise weightage

Secondly, try solving a minimum 15 questions out of 18 gaining you another 45 marks.

AFCAT Reasoning

The last section is the easiest and lengthiest section. It’s the deciding factor! With a weightage of massive 96 Marks

best book afcat
AFCAT reasoning syllabus stats
TopicsWeightage and Marks Impression
Series9-12 MarksScoring
Hidden figures12 MarksScoring
Pattern completion12 MarksScoring
Venn diagram 12 Markstricky
Analogy24 Markstricky
Paper cutting folding6-9 MarksScoring
Dot situation 12 MarksScoring
Odd one out12 Markstricky
Mirror Images6-9 MarksScoring
AFCAT Reasoning topic wise weightage

Therefore, this is the most scoring section and scoring topics alone fetch you 60 Marks. Out of tricky topics, attempt only those you can figure out. Eventually, even if you are able to solve 5 out of remaining 12 you would have achieved 75 Marks in this section.

In short, this is the easiest and the most lengthiest section in entire AFCAT. So, pro tip is that you start with reasoning first so that you are careful with figures. Good practice in reasoning is essential to good score.

Consequently, make sure whichever book you are referring to has enough of these topics for practicing with appropriate solution/answer. Following this approach you have aimed for a minimum 205+ Marks.

Best Book

The Best Book that’s prepared taking all of this into consideration is “AFCAT The First Step Book

Those aspirants who did put their time and effort to this approach using AFCAT the first step book cracked AFCAT in their first attempt. Below are few testimonies out of hundreds that we have received.

The English section of this book is comprehensive with introduction of each topic and with lots of practice exercise followed by solved answers.

best afcat book
afcat English questions form AFCAT the first step book

The GK section includes One liner Questions from every topic followed by Practice MCQs and solutions.

best afcat book
AFCAT GK questions from AFCAT the first step book

In Mathematics section every chapter is divided into types and sub types of questions asked in exams. They are followed by solved examples, solved practice questions and practice set at the end. Book includes questions from all difficulty levels. Most importantly, what’s unique is that it includes Short cut tricks to solve question instantly.

best afcat book
AFCAT Maths tricks from AFCAT the first step book
best afcat book
AFCAT maths from AFCAT the first step book

Reasoning section is filled with large number of topics having clear introduction, examples and descriptive solutions. In other words, each topic has lots of practice sets for effective preparation.

best afcat book
AFCAT reasoning from AFCAT the first step book

Not only this, AFCAT the first step book contains latest previous year question papers so that one can practice actual papers to know where he stands in terms of preparation.

In conclusion it is undoubtedly the best book in India to Crack afcat exam with little but honest efforts.

best afcat book

Get the most out of your opportunity with AFCAT the first step book

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BlogsBest Books for AFCAT 1 2023 Written Exam
BlogsBest Books for AFCAT 1 2023 Written Exam
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