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kartikeya Purchased PPDT Narration & GD eBook [Part 1] Guide Oct. 17, 2019

SSB Psychology : An officer within You


    Download SSB psychology e-Book (PDF) instantly


    • Introduction to psychology
    • How candidates are assessed, what qualities are more focused
    • How to answer TAT, with TAT themes, TAT stories, TAT Images asked in SSB
    • Technique to answer WAT, 100 solved WAT , 400 practice WAT
    • How to answer SRT, 40 solved SRT, 400+ practice SRT
    • Introduction to self description test

    In general psychology plays an important role in service selection board interview. Therefore Candidate performing well in Psychology test such as TAT, WAT, SRT, SD will create a positive impact necessary for the selection.

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    It's a good book on psychology. TAT themes are very helpful

    Very helpful book.i got everything from Dos and donts, tips, TAT themes and large amount of practice exercises

    easy to understand with lots of examples

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