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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Tips To Write Effective Sentence In WAT – Defence Direct Education

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Tips To Write Effective Sentence In WAT

Tips To Write Effective Sentence In WAT. In the Word Association test at SSB interview, 60 words will be flashed before you, each for 15 sec and you are required to write the first thought that comes to your mind after reading that word. Many candidates mistake this test for a sentence making test, rather than a word association test and hence, falter in the very approach to this particular test. The WAT is designed to assess your personality traits, like all other tests administered by the psychologist, through the responses given by you in your psych dossier. Hence, out of the 60 words, some words will relate to your intellectual quotient, some to your social attributes, some will reflect your effectiveness as part of a team, while some would depict your dynamism.

It is highly undesirable to practice WAT without understanding how your responses will be analysed by the psychologist. Therefore, all those candidates who practice WAT by making sentences, especially online are doing a big disservice to all others who practice along with them, as it will make your mind coached and you will lose your natural ability of thinking original.

The sentences that you make while practicing must reflect your immediate and spontaneous response, and hence it must be always a timed practice.

No single response in a WAT will be taken into account, but, your responses cumulatively will show your true and general behaviour.

The same is further corroborated and viewed in relation to your responses given in other psych test and the information given by you in your PIQ Form. It is only then that a final personality profile of the candidate emerges.

Your endeavour must be to write meaningful observations from your life. Do not write very ordinary sentences that shows a very superficial thought process. Avoid giving sentences which are auto-suggestive or where you are preaching others, as it puts a question mark on your intentions of actually walking the talk.

Avoid starting a sentence with I, he, Ram (or any other name), as it may show a self oriented personality.

In case you are unable to understand the meaning of a word it is better to leave it. However, if you leave a pattern of words not attempted in terms of a personality trait, it would normally show a deficiency of that quality.

Do write the word even if you are not writing its sentence, so that your sequence does not go wrong.

You could write some idioms, special information sentences also, but restrict such sentences to bare minimum.

Finally, you will be able to write quality sentences only if your knowledge, maturity and personality is well groomed and balanced.

Original PPT Slides Of Word Association Test In SSB : Download Now

Tips For Self Preparation:

Pick up any magazine and underline 60 words at random.

Keep a stop watch with you and start attempting in a timed manner.

Attempt all and then start assessing yourself. Identify how many are good and meaningful observations. Mark the ones which are low level responses or which are representing an incorrect frame of mind. Rewrite those again and see if you can make better sentences.

Now try and calibrate your thought process to avoid making similar mistakes again. Remember, practice will only help if you know which particular personality trait of your needs to be modified.

Finally, show it to a good mentor who will assist you to change the way you look at life.




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BlogsTips To Write Effective Sentence In WAT - Defence Direct Education
BlogsTips To Write Effective Sentence In WAT - Defence Direct Education
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