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Monday, June 24, 2024

12 Points To Keep In Mind During Group Discussion In SSB

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12 Points To Keep In Mind During Group Discussion In SSB

In this post we will talk about 12 important points which you must keep in mind to perform well in group discussion at SSB interview. The GTO series comprises of a battery of nine tasks, which are conducted over two days, i.e. the third and the fourth day of the five day selection process. Like the psych tests and the interview technique, the GTO tasks are also a means of assessing the personality traits of a candidate, against the qualities desired of a ‘potential officer material’.

During the conduct of the SSB, while the IO evaluates the candidate at the sub-conscious level and the psychologist evaluates him/ her at the un-conscious level, the GTO, through the conduct of these tasks, evaluates candidate at the conscious level for the desired leadership potential and effectiveness as part of a sample group.

  1. Enter into the GD early. Speaking first is not necessary, however speak early so that someone else does not give away the point you wanted to say.
  2. Keep in mind, it is not a debate, so your objective should not be to prove the other person wrong but to support your own point of view with good logical reasons.
  3. Do not speak continuously, as you may appear to be overbearing, so it is always better to speak more often, for lesser duration each time.
  4. Give concise points relevant to the lead that you are supporting. Do not take off at a tangent.
  5. Preferably do not switch over from the main point that you decided to support and support it till the end of the discussion. However, you could link your point of view with the point of view being supported by another candidate by giving relevant arguments.
  6. Knowledge is power. The greater your knowledge base, the better you will be able to speak. Try and quote some facts and figures and also give some examples from history/recent times to you views.
  7. Be sensitive to the point of view and participation of others, encourage them as they give their views and look very interested in their view point, even if it is ordinary.
  8. Do not involve in an argument with someone who is argumentative. Remain friendly, but firm while giving your point of view.
  9. Do not be rude, radical or anti-establishment by blaming the systems, authority figures and the government during the discussion.
  10. In case a candidate is continuously interrupting while you want to speak, you could politely tell him with a smiling face, ‘CH No X please let me complete’ or ‘let us give everyone a chance’, etc.
  11. Always draw other people’s attention before making a point, like, ‘I wish to add to the point of CH No X’ or ‘I beg to differ with the point raised by CH No X’, etc.
  12. Always remain composed, cheerful and show a high, positive energy level. Maintain a smiling and pleasant look.

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Blogs12 Points To Keep In Mind During Group Discussion In SSB
Blogs12 Points To Keep In Mind During Group Discussion In SSB
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