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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Special Forces Training School | Elite Training Institute of Para SF

Special Forces Training School | Elite Training Institute of Para SF

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special forces training school

The Special Forces Training School SFTS is the premier Cat ‘A’ training institute of the Parachute Regiment. The SFTS is located at Nahan in Himachal Pradesh. The SFTS have the best infrastructure to train the soldiers of SFTS. The Commandant of SFTS is a rank of Major General Officer and is also the Chief instructor. In the initial days, school was known as Special Forces Training Wing. After the upgradation in infrastructure, the SFTW came to be known as Special Forces Training School.


indian army para sf training

The recruits, soldiers and Officers who clear the probation period are sent to the Paratroopers training school in Agra. The personnel are trained in the Para jumping especially in HALO and HAHO jumps with full battle load. The personnel who opt for Special forces are sent to respective special forces battalion for further training.

The Airborne Units of Parachute Regiment
  1. 5 Para
  2. 6 Para
  3. 7 Para
  4. 23 Para
  5. 29 Para
The Special Forces Units of Parachute Regiment
  1. 1 Para SF
  2. 2 Para SF
  3. 3 Para SF
  4. 4 Para SF
  5. 9 Para SF
  6. 10 Para SF
  7. 11 Para SF
  8. 12 Para SF
  9. 21 Para SF

SF Solider with Tavor 21

The Special Forces Training School trains the members of Parachute Regiment for the Special Operations. The SFTS trains them in Covert operations, Reconnaissance and recce missions, Counter insurgency, Urban and Jungle Warfare, Insertion and Exertion methods and Surprise Ambush attacks. The real time operations and missions are simulated to the operatives in the SFTS.

para sf training

The SFTS is also awarded with ARTRAC Army commander’s Citation. The Special Forces of other countries conduct exercises and specialized training with Para SF in SFTS, Nahan. The expansion of SFTS is under consideration with 1500 acres and soon SFTS will be having its own Airfield to train the soldiers for Para jumps.

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