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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Parachute Regiment Celebrates Its 68th Raising Day Today

Parachute Regiment Celebrates Its 68th Raising Day Today

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parachute regiment indian army

The Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army is celebrating its 68th Raising Day today (April 15). The regiment has a long history and many successful missions in its kitty. It traces its history to the British era when the earliest airborne regiment was formed in 1941. It fought alongside British troops at several locations across the world.

The Indian Army’s Parachute Regiment was officially formed in March, 1945, and took part in a military operation in Burma (present day Myanmar).

The present day para regiment came into existence on April 15, 1952, when three existing parachute battalions – 1st battalion of Punjab Para Regiment, 3rd Battalion of Maratha Light Infantry and 1st Battalion of Kumaon Regiment – were absorbed.

The re-raised regiment was also given a new formation sign, the Shatrujeet, which signified the operations readiness of the brigade.

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About the regiment:
  • The Parachute Regiment is an airborne infantry and special forces regiment of the Indian Army.
  • The regiment has 17 battalions with the regimental centre in Bangalore.
  • The regiment is also known as the “The Paras red devil”.
  • Motto of the Parachute Regiment – “Shatrujeet” (The Conqueror)

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  • The first Indian airborne formation was the British Indian Army’s 50th Parachute Brigade raised on 29 October 1941.
  • This formation consists of 151 Parachute Battalion,2 Parachute Battalion and 153 Parachute Battalion alongside other support units.
  • 1944, the brigade was expanded to form the 44th Indian Airborne Division as the original 9th Airborne Division was to be named because the 44th Armoured Division was converted to an airborne unit.
  • They fought many battles and took part in military operations during British rule.

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  • After independence and partition, the regiment was divided between the armies of India and newly formed Pakistan.
  • India retained the Divisional HQ and the 50th and 77th Parachute Brigades, while the 14th Parachute Brigade went to Pakistan.
  • This brigade consisted of battalions from different regiments: Punjab Regiment(Para), the Maratha Light Infantry (Para), and the Kumaon Regiment (Para).
  • The uniform of their parent regiments remained the same except for a change in headgear to the maroon beret, and word ‘Para’ was added after their names.
  • Their bravery was shown during 1947 war and also during 1971 war on Indo-Pak and Kargil war.
  • The Para SF have glorious past and they actively took part in operation Pawan, cactus and UN peacekeeping force.




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