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Friday, April 19, 2024

9 Elite Special Forces of the world

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09 Elite Special Forces of the World

Elite Special Forces of the World. Special Forces or Special Operation Forces are the highly trained Military Units well equipped to perform Unconventional and Unorthodox Covert Missions. 

The Special Forces take out the potential threats and enter a field that is feared by the bravest of souls who risk their lives in service for the safety of motherland.

The ranking or comparing the top elite Special Forces around the world was an extremely difficult task for the team of Defence Direct Education but there have been a few Special Force Units who always stood out BEST from the REST.

01. British Special Air Service (SAS)

top special forces of world

  • The Special Air Service (SAS) is one of the oldest and the elite Special Forces of the United Kingdom founded in the year of 1942.
  • The Special Air Service (SAS) comprises of three units-
  1. 22 SAS (The Regular Unit)
  2. 21 SAS (The Artist Unit)
  3. 23 SAS (The Reserve Unit).
  • The Special Air Service (SAS) is the number one fighting force in the world trained to perform equally well in all the Warfares.
  • A squadron of SAS consists of the 65 men commanded by a commissioned officer of the rank of Major.
  • The motto of SAS is “WHO DARES WINS” and the various Special Forces (like American Delta Force & Special Air Service Regiment) of the world are developed on the principles of Special Air Service (SAS).
02. US Navy Seals

top special forces of world

  • SEAL in Navy Seals stands for Sea, Air and Land Operators and are the most elite Special Forces of the United States of America developed in the year of 1962.
  • The Navy Seals are the foundation of Naval Special Warfare Combat Forces organized, trained and equipped to conduct a variety of special missions in all the operational environments.
  • The motto of Navy Seals is “THE ONLY EASY DAY WAS YESTERDAY” and a pre training of Navy Seals consists of a minimum of 42 push-ups in 02 minutes, 50 sit-ups in 02 minute and 03 km run in 11 minutes.
  • The Training of Navy Seals is extremely demanding (mentally and physically) and produces the world’s best maritime warriors.
  • Navy Seals are known for the superior physical and mental strength build in a 01 Year hardcore training and Operation Neptune Spear is the greatest achievement of the force.
03. Indian Navy MARCOS

top special forces of world

  • MARCOS were raised as the Indian Marine Special Forces (IMSF) in the year of 1985. 02 Years later, MARCOS were renamed as the Marine Commando Force (MCF) with the deadliest motto “THE FEW THE FEARLESS”.
  • MARCOS are termed as the “Dadiwala Fauj” , meaning the “Bearded Army” by terrorists because of their bearded disguise in civil areas.
  • To be a Marine Commando is no cakewalk because trainees have to undergo one of the world’s toughest courses that lasts for an approximate 03 Years depending on the specialisation of the course.
  • The pre-training procedure of MARCOS consists of a three-day Physical Fitness and Aptitude Test with a drop out rate of 80% followed by a five-week-long HELL’s WEEK testing sleep deprivation and intense physical training.
  • The applicants needs to qualify HAHO/HALO Jump Courses to be the Marine Commandos.
  1. HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) – A Jump from 11 kilometers above the earth, but opening of the parachute is close to the ground.
  2. HAHO (High Attitude High Opening) – A Jump from 08 kilometers above the earth, but opening of the parachut is 10-15 seconds after the Jump from an aircraft.
04. Russian Alpha Group

top special forces of world

  • The Alpha Group or Alfa is officially known by the name of Directorate “A” of the FSB Special Purpose is an elite unit of Russian Special Forces.
  • The Alpha Group is one of the most aggressive and brutal forces in the world trained to prevent violent acts in public transportation and buildings.
  • The hopeful candidates are selected for Russian Alpha Group after a hardcore endurance test involving training in the forest of Belize.
  • The motto of the Alpha Group is “GET READY TO FIGHT” and was developed on July 28 in the year of 1974.
  • The Alpha Group received a share of criticism in 2002 when 120 hostages died due to excessive shelling during the crisis of Moscow Hostage.
05. Sayeret Matkal

top special forces of world

  • The Sayeret Matkal or Unit 269 is the Special Reconnaissance unit of the Military Intelligence Directorate of Israel.
  • The motto of Sayeret Matkal is “WHO DARES WINS” and is well trained force for the Neutralisation of specific terrorist threats and Handling hijacking situations in the air and on the land.
  • The unit is modeled after the British Special Air Service (SAS) instituted in the year of 1957.
  • The members of the force are renowned for their high physical as well as intellectual characteristics who played a vital role in reducing the tension for Israel in the palestine terror attacks.
06. Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN)

top special forces of world

  • The GIGN or Gendarmerie Intervention Group developed in the year of 1973 as a Special Operations Unit of the French Armed Forces.
  • The GIGN is the police tactical unit of the French National Gendarmerie specially trained for-
  1. Counterr Terrorism & Hostage Rescues
  2. Surveillance of National Threats
  3. Protection of Government Organisations
  4. Engaging and neutralising terrorists in specific situations.
  5. Bomb Disposal (Search, Detection and Neutralisation of IEDs)
  6. Post Blast Investigation (PBI)
  7. Rescue of hostages in kidnap situation.
  • The motto of GIGN is “TO ENLIST FOR LIFE” entrusted with the duty of carrying out rescue operation during extreme calamities.
07. Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) 

top special forces of world

  • The Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) developed in the year of 1957 is one of the highly rated Special Forces in the world.
  • The SASR shares the motto of British SAS “WHO DARES WINS” and has been involved in a number of a domestic security operations.
  • The Selection process of the Special Service Regiment (SASR) has a drop out rate of about 70-80% and their soldiers are specially trained for engaging and neutralising terrorists in specific situations.
08. EKO Cobra

top special forces of world

  • The EKO Cobra or Einsatzkommando Cobra formed in 1978 is a semi-autonomous body directly under the control of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior.
  • The EKO Cobra was involved in many Hostage Rescues operations and is the only special forces unit to rescue operation of a hijacked aircraft while flying in the air in the year of 1996.
  • The battalions of EKO Cobra are organised entirely differently in a way and used mostly for Special Missions and Clandestine Operations in enemy territory with the ability to operate in very small teams of five or six commandos.​​​​​​​
09. Special Service Group (SSG)

top special forces of world

  • The Special Service Group (SSG) is the primary special operation force of the Pakistan Army headed by a commissioned officer of rank of Major General.
  • The motto of Special Service Group (SSG) is “I AM A VALIANT” and was developed in the year of 1956.
  • The Special Service Group (SSG) are also known as Black Storks since the commandos have unique headgear with the modern and advanced techniques.
  • A pre training of SSG consists of a 36 Miles run in 12 hours, 05 Miles run completed in 50 minutes done in full gear and load.
  • The Special Service Group (SSG) stormed an office building and rescued 40 hostages kidnapped by suspected Taliban Militants in the year of 2009.
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Blogs9 Elite Special Forces of the world
Blogs9 Elite Special Forces of the world
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