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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Major Indian Army Operations That Made India Proud

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Major Indian Army Operations That Made India Proud

As you are aspiring to enter our prestigious defence forces, you must have the knowledge about the major Indian Army operations that make every Indian proud. You are supposed to know our forces well, the structure, achievements, its weapons, the ranks and so on. Indian armed forces are known for their involvement in many operations whether inside or outside the country. Not just in national security, our forces have been actively taking part in humanitarian, rescue and relief and anti-terrorist operations as well.

There are about hundreds of reasons why India has the 4th most powerful military in the world. In the past, it has always been in the news for the military operations it carried out. So here we are with some of the major Indian Army Operations thatyou must know.

Indian Army operations

Major operations of Indian Army Operations :

  • Operation Polo

It was a military operation of year 1948 in which the Indian Armed Forces invaded the Nizam-ruled princely state, annexing it into the Indian Union.

  • Operation Vijay

For the annexation of Goa, Indian armed forces carried out the “armed action” in 1961 known as Operation Vijay foreign invading Goa from the Portuguese.

  • Operation Steeplechase

In 1971, Indira Gandhi started the operation against naxalites. The paramilitary forces and a brigade of para commandos also participated in it.

  • During Bangladesh liberation war

The Indo-pakistani war of 1971 was occurred during the Bangladesh liberation war. It is one of the shortest wars in history as it lasted just for 13 days.

Indian Army operations
  • During Siachen war

The conflict began in 1984 with India’s successful “Operation Meghdoot” during which it gained control over all of the Siachen Glacier.

  • Operation Blue Star

It was an Indian military operation carried out in June 1984 to remove militant religious leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his armed followers from the buildings of the Harmandir Sahib complex (Golden Temple) in Amritsar, Punjab.

  • Operation Woodrose

It was the military operations following Operation Bluestar to “prevent the outbreak of widespread public protest” in Punjab.

  • Operation Meghdoot

Launched on 13 April 1984, this operation was to capture the Siachen glacier in Kashmir. It is unique because it was launched on world’s highest Battlefield.

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  • Operation Pawan

The Indian peace keeping force started it to take control of Jaffna in Sri Lanka by the Tamil Tigers. It was followed by the other two operations : Operation Viraat and Operation Trishul.

  • Operation cactus

The 1988 Maldives coup d’état was the attempt by a group of Maldivians led by Abdullah Luthufi to overthrow the government in the island republic of Maldives. But it failed due to the intervention of Indian Army.

  • Operation Vijay

The Kargil war was the conflict between India and Pakistan along the Line of control in 1999. Operation Vijay was the name of the operation to clear the Kargil sector by Indian Army.

  • Operation Parakram

The 2001–2002 India–Pakistan standoff was a military standoff between India and Pakistan. This was the second major military standoff between India and Pakistan after Kargil war in 1999.

  • Operation Sarp Vinash

It was a security operation like operation all out led by Indian army in Jammu and Kashmir.

military operations Indian Army
  • Operation Black Tornado

The 2008 Mumbai attacks were a group of terrorist attacks that took place in November 2008. On 29 November, India’s National Security Guards (NSG) conducted ‘Operation Black Tornado’ to flush out the attackers.

  • Operation Surya Hope

This operation is the Indian Army’s Central Command response to the June 2013 North India floods in Uttarakhand.

  • Operation Maitri

That was a rescue and relief operation in Nepal by Indian armed forces after the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

  • 2015 Indian counter-insurgency operation in Myanmar

In June 2015, NSCN-K ambushed an Indian army convoy and killed 18 jawans. After that, India conducted surgical strikes against the insurgent groups along                                         India-Myanmar border.

  • 2016 Indian Line of Control strike

On 29 September 2016, India conducted surgical strikes against terrorists camps in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The strike on September 28, 2016, was in response to an attack by Pakistan-based terrorists on an army base in Uri.

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BlogsMajor Indian Army Operations That Made India Proud
BlogsMajor Indian Army Operations That Made India Proud
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