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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Submarine fleet of Indian Navy – All You Need To Know

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Indian Navy operates a fleet of 17 Submarines in its arsenal. These submarines are designed to be silent and deadly under the sea and give a punch to the enemy fleet on the surface of the sea. The submarines are deployed directly by the fleet commander and their deployment is confidential.

A submarine is an underwater combat asset of any Navy deployed deep under the sea. The submarines are equipped with Torpedoes, Missiles, Depth Charges and Underwater Mines. Submarine uses Sonar to detect the target and Torpedoes are programmed thereafter.

Indian Navy Submarines

List of Indian Navy Submarines

1. Kalvari class submarines

Kalvari class submarines are built under project 75 of the Indian navy. A total of six submarines will be built by Mazagon dock Shipbuilders limited. Already 3 submarines are commissioned into the navy and the other three will be commissioned soon.

Kalvari class submarines

Name  Pennant No. Date of Launch  Date of Commission 
INS Kalvari S21 27 Oct 2015 14 Dec 2017
INS Khanderi S22 12 Jan 2017 28 Sep 2019
INS Karanj S23 31 Jan 2018 10 Mar 2021
INS Vela S24 06 May 2019
INS Vagir S25 12 Nov 2020
INS Vagasheer S26 Yet to be launched


2. Sindhughosh class submarines

Sindhughosh class submarines are built by Rosvooruzhenie, a Russian company. These are Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines with a capacity of 50-70 crew members.

Sindhughosh class submarines

Name  Pennant No. Date of Commission 
Sindhugosh S 55 30 Apr 1986
Sindhudhvaj S 56 12 Jun 1987
Sindhuraj S 57 20 Oct 1987
Sindhuvir S 58 11 Jun 88
Sindhuratna S 59 22 Dec 1988
Sindhukesari S 60 16 Feb 1989
Sindhukirti S 61 04 Jan 1990
Sindhuvijay S 62 08 Mar 1991
Sindhushashtra S 65 19 Jul 2000
3. Shishumar class submarines

Shishumar class submarines are developed by HDW, Kiel. The first of two diesel-electric Submarines were built at HDW and the other two were built in Mazagoan Dock Limited. The crew capacity of Shishumar class submarines is 40 including 8 officers.

Shishumar class submarines Indian Navy

Name  Pennant No. Date of Commission
Shishumar S 44 22 Sep 1986
Shankush S 45 20 Nov 1986
Shalki S 46 07 Feb 1992
Shankul S 47 28 May 1994


4. Nuclear-powered submarines

Presently, the Indian Navy operates two Nuclear-powered submarines. The third submarine has been launched for sea trials and is expected to be commissioned in early 2022.

Nuclear-powered submarines

Name Pennant No. Type
INS Chakra S71 Attack Submarine (SSN)
INS Arihant S2 Ballistic missile submarine (SSBN)
INS Arighat S2 Ballistic missile submarine (SSBN)


Two projects Indian Navy i.e. Ballistic Missile Submarine project and Project 75 Alpha Attack Submarine are underway. Both the projects have been approved by Cabinet Committee on Security.

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BlogsSubmarine fleet of Indian Navy - All You Need To Know
BlogsSubmarine fleet of Indian Navy - All You Need To Know
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