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Friday, April 19, 2024

SSB OIR – Officer’s Intelligence Rating Test In SSB Interview

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SSB OIR – Officer’s Intelligence Rating Test In SSB Interview

In this article we will discuss about the OIR test in ssb interview, how to prepare and best book to refer. OIR test stands for Officers Intelligence Rating and it is the first test conducted in the screening process on day 1. The Screening test comprises of Officers Intelligence Rating (OIR) test and the Picture Perception and Discussion test (PPDT).

The OIR test is conducted offline, this test basically comprises of 50-55 questions based on verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Further, the time allotted for the OIR test depends upon entry to entry, for instance in entries like CDS, NDA and AFCAT the time allotted will be 30 minutes. On the other hand, in technical entries like TGC, UES, SSC-Tech where there are a lot of candidates, the time given is about 18-25 minutes, based on my experience.

The Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) basically prepares the OIR test series. Most of all, the OIR test has no negative marking. Two OIR tests are usually conducted in screening after which candidates appear for the PPDT.

Syllabus for OIR test:

The OIR test comprises of the verbal reasoning and the non-verbal reasoning, the detailed syllabus is given below:

  • Verbal Reasoning: The topics for verbal reasoning are:
  1. Relationship
  2. Jumbled words
  3. Coding/Decoding
  4. Antonym/Synonyms
  5. Reconstruction of sentences
  6. One word substitution
  7. Odd one out
  8. Common sense and alphabet test
  9. Arithmetic questions
  10. Miscellaneous
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning: The topics are:
  1. Completion of series
  2. Odd figure out
  3. Locate the concealed figure
  4. Dice problem
  5. Fill the correct figure
  6. Orientation of figure
  7. Miscellaneous

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Importance of the OIR test:

Most of the candidates think that the OIR test is an easy go lucky test, and give more importance to the PPDT. But surprisingly the combined merit of OIR test and PPDT decides that you are going to be screened in or not. In case you have scored more than 90% in the OIR test you can consider yourself screened in.

If a candidate has a good OIR score than definitely  they will get an upper edge during the conference results.

OIR tests has a lot of substance, not only in screening but in overall merit score too. Furthermore the OIR score of selected candidate is sent to the respective academy & Ministry of Defence. The OIR is considered by the Special agencies like R&AW while induction process.

Are OIR booklets changed ? How difficult are they now ?

The OIR booklet available earlier at the SSB centres were old and were used repeatedly. This is the sole reason you would have noticed the blurred responses marked by the previously assessed candidates.

As per the reports, Newly printed Booklets were made available at all the centres which can be confirmed from the candidate who has been to the SSB recently. The new booklet has few additional variants of questions and is made a little difficult purposely.

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How to prepare for the OIR test?

There are no shortcuts for preparing for the OIR test. A candidate must go through the questions of the given topics one by one. They say ‘Speed comes with practice’, the rule is applicable to OIR test also.

Once you gave it a good practice believe it or not you will be able to solve the question in a few seconds. With lots of practice, the test will be an easy go lucky for you guys surely.

Where to find OIR Test series ?

DDE has prepared the best OIR test ebook which consists of original questions asked in SSB interview. Download them on your devices and start solving to check your Intelligence. You can also refer SSB OIR book which cover complete OIR syllabus along with PP&DT guidance. The book is recommended by the Ex-SSB President of Bangalore and has helped many candidates to clear stage one with ease.




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BlogsSSB OIR - Officer's Intelligence Rating Test In SSB Interview
BlogsSSB OIR - Officer's Intelligence Rating Test In SSB Interview
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