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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

10 Tips For Getting Success In The SSB Screening Test

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10 Tips For Screening Test In SSB

Screening test in SSB is conducted to shortlist the potential candidates for the next round of interview. Most of the candidates coming well prepared from long distances get screened out here. But taking a view at the OLQ’s, here comes the role of your determination and the courage to face failures.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

So gear up future officers. Click here to learn about screening procedure in the SSB

As you are going to be an officer, you must have the qualities in good proportions so that you can face any challenges and know how to solve them effectively. Here are some tips that are definitely going to help you to get screened in and come closer to your dream.

screening test in ssb
  • Prepare well beforehand for OIR (Officer intelligence rating test)
  • Time is the biggest factor during OIR test, so make sure you have enough practice so as to attempt each and every questions.
  • In PPDT, Prefer to chose problems in and around the society. The more we relate to the things around us. The easier it becomes to write a story.
  • Now you have got less than a minute to narrate the story and nobody is interested in your introduction at this point. Start with a quick greeting and move on to the story.
  • Understand the difference between leading and dominating. Try to lead the group to a common story but don’t be aggressive.
  • Write legibly so that it is easy to read. Complete your story well within time, do not dive into too much details and keep it simple and short.
screening test ssb
  •  Narration is very crucial, keep it solid, better command and control over your volume, accent, language and expression. All these factors are collectively important
  •  Most of the candidates totally forget about their body language while narrating, make sure you are sitting straight and not making uncomfortable body postures. Little bit of hand movements are okay but Do not point index finger towards anyone.
  •  During group discussion, make sure you are calm and talking sense, don’t be under the impression that talking more and continuously will make you screened in. No, you need to make sure everyone listen when you talk, do not speak just for the namesake, give better suggestions to help the group come to common consensus.
SSB Screening test tips
  • Try to sit straight and calm, wait for the correct moment and whenever you get that split second of silence, Breakout with your point. Be loud, Give a short greeting & then share your thoughts, Remember being loud and audible.
  • DO NOT JOIN fish market as no one will understand what you are saying even though you are giving worthy points.

We hope you find these tips useful. If you have any doubt or question regarding the SSB, please comment it below.

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Blogs10 Tips For Getting Success In The SSB Screening Test
Blogs10 Tips For Getting Success In The SSB Screening Test


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