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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Why do candidates Fail in PPDT, Narration & GD?

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SSB Interview is a 5 day process but not everyone gets the opportunity to experience the 5 days interview. Majority of candidates, as many as 90% are screened out on the first day itself. Only remaining 10% go through the series of 4 days of tests including psychology, personal interview, GTO and conference.

ssb interview ppdt book

The Screening process is loosely called as stage 1 of SSB Interview. Stage 1 of SSB interview include these two tests

  • Officer Intelligence Rating Test
  • PPDT

Officer intelligence rating test is a test of verbal non verbal questions. Through this test selection board filters those candidates who have excellent and quick intelligence based on their ability to solve OIR Set. We highly recommend to go through SSB OIR book by DDE to excel in OIR tests. This is the only book that covers entire syllabus and questions that have appeared throughout various selection boards in India. SSB OIR by DDE is a benchmark and also referred to in Rashtriya Military Schools, RIMC & Sainik Schools.

ssh tech 63 merit list
Recommended By Ex SSB President

You can refer to this blog to understand OIR in detail

Now the second test is Picture Perception & Description Test (PPDT). PPDT is a set of 3 different tests which are as following

  • Picture Perception & writing a story
  • Narration
  • Group Discussion

Earlier before 2018 there were only OIR e-Books with limited sets containing limited syllabus. candidates had little to no idea about the exact syllabus and with the limited availability of practice sets it was difficult to give their best in OIR test during SSB Interview.

DDE filled this gap by introducing the first OIR Book containing entire syllabus. Many publishers followed but couldn’t cover various topics that they themselves were unaware of.

Picture Perception and Description Test

Coming to the PPDT, OIR book by DDE gives an overview of the PPDT test but still there are many things about PPDT that are unanswered even to this date. Few such questions are :

  1. Candidates do not know why is PPDT even conducted?
  2. Why Pictures are blurred in Selection Boards as against clear pictures required during picture perception
  3. Do candidate has to write a similar perception like others?
  4. What if candidate writes a completely different perception?
  5. How heroic can a story be?
  6. What to not write and why?
  7. How to keep original perception?
  8. Why preplanned preconceived story don’t work?
  9. What if story is left incomplete?
  10. Is there any point of giving narration if story isn’t good?
  11. Why is narration done?
  12. What if you didn’t do well in group discussion?
  13. How to give excellent narration and what do assessors want?
  14. Why is group discussion necessary and what does it have to do with your story?
  15. Do you have to take part in GD if story and narration were good?
  16. What if others don’t let you speak in GD even when you have good points of discussion?

All these and more such questions will come to your mind while preparing for PP&DT

Above all what is absolutely necessary is that you should be knowing how to self introspect yourself and work on your personality for SSB Interview. But where are answers to these questions? There are no such guidelines available. Which is why we have done our bit to fill this gap

After consulting with the SSB President, Collecting actual PPDT Pictures from selection centres, exploring all the answers related to story writing, narration and group discussion we gathered all the information and structured it for the candidates preparing for SSB Interview.

While earlier PPDT was a less focused subject due to unavailability of any relevant material, Now we present you Picture Perception Narration & GD guide available on Amazon and Flipkart

ssb interview book 2024
Excel in PP&DT Test

This PPDT handbook will prove invaluable not just for thorough stage 1 preparation but also as a tool for self introspection of one’s own personality.

Picture Perception Narration & GD Guide

Crafting a story based on a picture is an art that hinges on practice and style. The ability to perceive an image and weave a narrative around it requires honed skills and consistent practice.

This book will help you in learning a writing style. However, the content of the story must stem from your own unique perspective. To cultivate this creativity, it’s essential to adopt daily habits that elevate your thinking and cultivate a gentlemanly mindset.

The book helps you identifying poor plots and the elements that lead to a poor story. Not only this it also gives you a lot of ideal stories based on actual PPDT picture. Further it gives writers perspective along with psychologist interpretation

The book has a certain techniques and exercises to understand and introspect your personality with the help of your parents, brother and close friend.

Lastly it gives 50 PPDT pictures from various selection centres for practice.

The next section is Narration & Group Discussion giving a complete overview of narration, OLQs observed during narration & its importance, body language, communication skills with examples and a detailed account of improvements in narration.

Regarding group discussion, the section outlines the OLQs (Officer-Like Qualities) that are typically observed during such interactions. It offers guidance on effective participation in group discussions and strategies to make a meaningful impact.

ssb interview stage 1 ppdt

Unlock success in the SSB Interview’s Stage 1 test with the “SSB PP&DT Narration Guide & Workbook.” This indispensable resource fills a crucial gap in PP&DT preparation, offering a comprehensive overview of picture perception, step-by-step story framing techniques, and insightful analyses of PP&DT narratives. Dive deeper into mastering narration and group discussion, while also using the book as a tool for self-introspection of personality traits. For those preparing for the SSB interview, the PP&DT Guide is not just recommended—it’s a must-read.

You can now order this exceptional and previously unavailable PPDT guide, exclusively available on Amazon and Flipkart.

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BlogsWhy do candidates Fail in PPDT, Narration & GD?
BlogsWhy do candidates Fail in PPDT, Narration & GD?
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