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Follow These Valuable Tips About GTO Tasks To Get Recommended

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Follow These Valuable Tips About GTO Tasks To Get Recommended


Follow These Valuable Tips About GTO Tasks To Get Recommended. The GTO series comprises of a battery of nine tasks, which are conducted over two days, i.e. the third and the fourth day of the five day selection process. Like the psych tests and the interview technique, the GTO tasks are also a means of assessing the personality traits of a candidate, against the qualities desired of a ‘potential officer material’.

During the conduct of the SSB, while the IO evaluates the candidate at the sub-conscious level and the psychologist evaluates him/ her at the un-conscious level, the GTO, through the conduct of these tasks, evaluates candidate at the conscious level for the desired leadership potential and effectiveness as part of a sample group.

Categorisation GTO Tasks

It is important to understand that no single task is all important, but your overall performance is seen by the GTO and finally at the end of the two days, he prepares a personality profile of each candidate.

It needs to be understood, that there are no marks for any task, but your personality traits are evaluated by the GTO by putting you through different activities.

Each task exhibits certain personality attributes of the candidate, like practical intelligence, organisational ability, cooperation, social effectiveness, etc. Through certain task some qualities are more prominently visible, e.g. physical stamina through Individual Obstacle task, and so on.

Therefore, what emerges from the foregoing points is that through certain tasks, similar values emerge and if you are unable to do well in some task, you can compensate by doing that much better in the other tasks of the same category.

Keeping the above point in mind, The GTO tasks can be broadly divided into three categories:

Category-I: Tasks like GD, GPE and Lecturette, where mainly, general awareness, communication skills, etc of the candidate are more prominently visible.

Category-II: Tasks like Snake Race and Individual Obstacles, where mainly physical attributes, like strength, stamina, body balance, physical phobias, if any, are observed by the GTO.

Category- III: These tasks are called Outdoor Leaderless Group Tasks (OLGTs), which are like, Progress Group Task, Half Group Task, Command Task and Final Group Task. In these tasks the assessors, besides observing the practical intelligence also assesses the group effectiveness of the candidate.



Aspects Observed by the GTO

The GTO endeavours to evaluate the demonstrative performance of the candidate for the following aspects:

  1. Practicality of the mind and a sound judgement while tackling real to life challenges.
  2. Grasping power, while understanding the instructions being given and apt execution of the same during the given tasks.
  3. Logical and analytical mind, which can see the essentials of a problem and is able to prioritize issues to evolve workable solutions.
  4. Systematic and organized thought process and the ability to express his/her views with clarity and ease.
  5. Social attributes like being friendly, warm, adaptable, tactful and highly sensitive to the feelings with others, etc.
  6. Understanding the value of discipline and strictly abiding by all rules and regulations.
  7. Courage of conviction to admit own mistakes gracefully.
  8. Capacity to be in the driver’s seat and to face challenges fair and square till the matter reaches its logical conclusion.
  9. Unambiguous confidence in own capabilities, especially under difficult and unfamiliar situations.
  10. Physically fitness and mentally robustness while tacking physical challenges.
  11. Ability to produce highly positive impact on the others in the group by demonstrating pleasing social graces and a ready wit.
  12. Always maintaining a high energy level and keeping the atmosphere around also cheerful by being full of positive energy and good humour.
  13. The attitude of never ever giving up, even under very trying circumstances and the displaying the ability to catch the ‘bull by its horns’.
  14. Display high physical dynamism and the ability to spread contagious positive energy.


Tips for Better Performance in GTO Series:

  1. Remember it is all about demonstrative performance. You must always be visible and be present wherever the action is happening and participate effectively.
  2. In the OLGTs, like PGT, etc, GTO will not get impressed just by seeing how good you are with planks and ropes, but mainly he wants to assess your behaviour pattern and your overall conduct during the task. So demonstrate a well balanced persona.
  3. Do not be self oriented and overbearing. Also, give chance to others and carry the group along with you.
  4. High level of general awareness is the single most important thing that will make you impressive in the group.
  5. Understand the concepts in the Outdoor tasks, by being a part of the Olive Greens family, rather than giving coached responses.

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BlogsFollow These Valuable Tips About GTO Tasks To Get Recommended
BlogsFollow These Valuable Tips About GTO Tasks To Get Recommended
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