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Thursday, July 18, 2024

List Of Etiquette’s To Be Showcased During SSB Interview

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List Of Etiquette’s To Be Showcased During SSB Interview

The Service Selection Board (SSB), undertakes the SSB Interview to evaluate the personality of candidates for recruitment in the Army, Navy and Air Force. A warm and pleasant person is always appreciated and welcome by all. During the course of the SSB, those candidates who are friendly and tactful in dealing with others in the group have better prospects of making the grade.

A positive body language is a window to a balanced and a mature personality. The following tips will help you to project better social graces and appropriate mannerism at each stage of your SSB.

Screening Test (Stage-1):

Maintain a friendly disposition and make a deliberate effort to interact with candidates, especially, eight to ten Chest No’s on either side of your own Chest No (they will be a part of your sub group during Stage-1 Discussion of PPDT).

Stand up and wish the assessors, who brief you for the tests being conducted.

Listen to the briefing attentively and do not ask ‘dumb doubts’.

Be smartly turned out (dark trousers, plain light coloured shirt with tie and polished shoes; a blazer could be worn in winters) and march in smartly as you are ushered towards the site where PPDT discussion will take place.

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During the GD do not show superior attitude and remain humble and down to earth. Your aim should NOT be to ‘win the argument’, but only to put across your point of view to the others in the most logical manner.

Be sensitive to the opinion of others and respect it for whatever it is worth, rather than showing them down for some error of judgement or incorrect information.

Encourage everyone and remain ‘friendly but firm’, even while dealing with aggressive and group disruptive candidates. At no cost must you lose your ‘composure’.

Remember to use polite words likely ‘may I have your attention’, I beg to disagree with Chest No 5’ sorry to interrupt’, etc, and do not be display angry or agitated behaviour.

Stage –II

Psychological Tests

Stand up and wish the assessor who briefs you and be very attentive during his briefing.

Do not interrupt while he is briefing, in case of a genuine doubt, raise your hand and clarify your doubt at the end of his briefing.

Do not cheat/talk with other candidates during the tests. Do not continue to write after the time is over and psychologist says “pens down”.

Carry adequate stationary and arrange your items neatly on the desk for handy availability while writing.

Write your tests on the prescribed sheet and do not start writing or marking in the booklet given to you (it is very annoying for the Psychologist).

Do not ask for unscheduled breaks during the tests. So answer all calls of nature prior to the exam.

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GTO Tasks

Be properly attired for the GTO tasks (While shorts, white T-shirt, white socks and PT shoes) and take pride in your turnout and bearing.

Stand smartly in ‘stand at ease’ position with chest out and chin up, as the GTO approaches you for his morning first briefing.   Remember, first impression is always a lasting one and it cannot be created the second time.

Wish the GTO loudly, with a pleasant smile on your face (which should remain till the end of the GTO series).

Listen to his briefing very attentively. (Candidates, who keep looking away repeatedly or stand sloppily with weight on one leg, present a casual attitude).

You must ensure that you do exactly as the GTO asks you to do, especially, be very cautious about not breaking any rules given out by the GTO.

Show constant high energy level (do not look tired or bored) during the complete GTO series.

Maintain a helping and cooperative attitude towards the other candidates in your group. Show a lot of team spirit and mutual bonding. Remember cooperation always works both ways.

In case someone sustains an injury during the conduct of the obstacles, give him/her a helping hand and volunteer to assist that person.

Be large hearted and group oriented during the conduct of outdoor and indoor tasks, by giving others also a chance, being open to their views and not being adamant about thrusting your own view point on others.

Remember “the task is not important”, it is simply his tool of testing your personality, but, “you are important” and he will assess you through the demonstrative behavioural manifestations projected by you during the process of that activity.

Personal Interview

Be formally dressed and smartly walk into the Interview room with an imaginary `halo’ around your head and walking to an imaginary ` peppy tune’ playing in the background.

Wish the IO brightly and firmly shake his hand, if he offers you his hand.

Sit down only when he asks you to sit and thank him for offering you a chair. Sit comfortably and at ease with yourself, but never forget that you are being assessed, so put up an elegant and upright disposition.

Your body language will depict your feelings, so be honest, forthright and to the point in your views. Do not look nervous and hesitant during the interview.

In case you are not aware about something, give as many details as you know about the issue and then say “sir, at present I know only this much about the issue, I will find out more about it”. And then actually also find out, as you may be asked about it during the Board Conference.

Board Conference

During the Board conference, be formally dressed, wish everyone as you enter the Hall and be polite while giving quality suggestions/remarks, in case asked for.

Do not comment on the process of selection as it is beyond your purview.

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BlogsList Of Etiquette's To Be Showcased During SSB Interview
BlogsList Of Etiquette's To Be Showcased During SSB Interview
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