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Friday, May 7, 2021

GTO Tips For Better Performance In SSB Interview

GTO Tips For Better Performance In SSB Interview

GTO series in SSB Interview comprises of a battery of tests which are conducted over two days. Like the Psychology Test and Interview technique, the GTO is also assessing you for the same personality traits, and eventually assesses you at the conscious level for your leadership potential and how effective are you as part of a team.

Personality Traits observed by GTO in a candidate:
  • Candidate who has a practical mind and a sound judgement while tackling real to life challenges.
  • Candidate having a good grasping power and understands the instructions clearly and has good listening skills.
  • Whose mind is logical and can see the essentials of a problem; is able to prioritize issues to evolve workable solutions.
  • Has a highly organized thought process and is able to express his/her views with clarity and ease.
  • Is very friendly, warm, adaptable, tactful and highly sensitive to the feelings with others.
  • Understands the value of discipline and strictly abides by all rules and regulations.
  • Has the courage of conviction to admit own mistakes gracefully.
  • Likes to be in the driver’s seat and take on challenges up to its logical conclusion.
  • He/She is confident, especially under difficult and unfamiliar situations.
  • Candidate is physically fit and mentally robust.
  • Is able to produce a very positive impressions on the others in the group through his pleasant manners and smart actions.
  • Always maintains a high energy level and keeps the atmosphere around him cheerful.
  • Never ever gives up and likes to catch the ‘bull by its horns’.
  • Is highly dynamic and full of positive energy that is contagious.

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GTO tasks can be broadly divided into three categories, namely, Tasks like GD, GPE and Lecturette where mostly your general awareness and communication skills are being assessed, second, are those tasks where mainly your physical attributes, like strength, stamina, body balance, physical phobias, if any, are being observed, and the third category of tasks are called Outdoor Leaderless Group Tasks, which are like, PGT, HGT, CT AND FGT. In these tasks the assessors, besides observing your practical intelligence, is also assessing you for being a group minded person. It is very important to have a healthy mix of all the above attributes.

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Follow these Tips for Better Performance in GTO Series:
  • Remember it is all about demonstrative performance, so you should always be visible, where the action is, and participate effectively.
  • In the outdoor tasks like PGT, etc, GTO will not get impressed just by seeing how good are you with planks and ropes, but mainly he wants to assess your behaviour pattern and your overall conduct during the task. So demonstrate a well balanced persona.
  • Do not be self oriented and overbearing. Also give chance to others and carry the group along with you.
  • High level of general awareness is the single most important thing that will make you impressive in the group.
  • Learn the concepts in the Outdoor tasks and do not give coached responses.
  • And Finally, you must remember that it’s a group task hence you should help your group to cross hurdles.

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