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Saturday, June 15, 2024

How to perform well in Group Obstacle Race in SSB

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Group Obstacle Race or Snake Race

Before starting of the blog, First we need to understand ” What is Group Obstacle Race in SSB?

• Group Obstacle Race is an outdoor group task also known as the Snake Race.

• The candidates are divided into four respective groups of about 08 to 10 candidates.

• The group is required to carry a snake through the 06 Obstacles which is actually a tent rolled into the shape of a huge snake.

Objectives of the Group Obstacle Race:
group obstacle race ssb
The GTO assess the following qualities in a candidates through the Group Obstacle Race or Snake Race

• Physical & Mental Toughness of each candidate   in a group.

• Determination & Courage of the group.

• Team Spirit and Self Confidence.

• Cooperation.

• Sense of Responsibility

• Ability to initiate

• Interest and Enthusiasm in the Obstacle Race.

Rules and Procedure of the Group Obstacle Race: 
snake race ssb

• Most of all, once you pick up the snake it must not touch the ground until you have crossed the finish line. 

• The snake should take exactly the same course as you take in each obstacle. 

• The snake is not to be folded or shortened in any manner and at any one time a minimum of three people should hold it.

• The group rule is applicable. Therefore, you must wait for the entire group before going to the next obstacle. 

• As in PGT, you or your snake must not touch any of the out of bound areas.

• You can cheer up your members and use War Cries such as Jai Hind, Bharat Mata Ki Jai etc. for the motivation.

• Don’t shout at or abuse any member in your group.

Important Points to Remember during Group Obstacle Race:
group obstacle race ssb

• Hold the snake as much as possible. 

• Cheer the group and help others.

• Remain active in the group.

• Do not highlight minor injuries 

• Lastly, volunteer to repeat 

• Give an impression that you have done well in the task.   

Here is the list of Obstacles in Snake Race:

The different types of obstacles in Group Race are

Obstacle No. 01 (Ramp and Jump)
group obstacle race ssb

• This obstacle is quite simple and easy to cross.

• You have to climb through a plank or ballies with snake and jump to the other side of the obstacle.

• Next, go to the next obstacle once all the candidates have crossed the first obstacle.

Obstacle No. 02 (Figure 08)
group obstacle race ssb

• You have to make the figure of 08 to complete this obstacle.

• Furthermore, the first thing that the candidates have to do here is to get on the middle structure and then go over the top from front side and come back on middle balli from the other side and down to the ground making the figure of 08.

Obstacle No. 03 (Spider Web)
group obstacle race ssb

• In this task, there is a high goal post (09 Feet in Height) like structure with a net of ropes tied on both sides.

• All the members of group along with snake has to cross this structure.

Obstacle No. 04 (Double Wall and Balli)
snake race ssb gto

• The structure of this obstacle is like two walls (06 Inches and 06 Feet in Height) joined by a thick balli on top.

• Also, everyone in the group has to climb the first wall then cross the balli to the next wall then jump on the other side.

Obstacle No. 05 (High Wall)
group obstacle race ssb gto

• In this Obstacle, there is a wall of 08 Feet in Height.

• Here 01 candidate, who is strong build can go up to the wall and stand there, other candidates can go up the top of the wall by climbing on the shoulder of that candidate.

Obstacle No. 06 (Ramp and Slide)
group obstacle race ssb gto

• In this Obstacle, horizontal ballies are placed on both side of the top of a 07 or 08 Feet high pole.

• Further, every candidate has to climb the horizontal ballies with the help of standing ballies and then slide down to the other side.

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BlogsHow to perform well in Group Obstacle Race in SSB
BlogsHow to perform well in Group Obstacle Race in SSB
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