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Air Force Academy (AFA), the premier training centre of the Indian Air, is the cradle of training for pilots, ground duty and technical officers of IAF. To join Air Force Academy is a dream of many defence aspirants because the charisma of Armed forces always create esteem to join this.

This academy represents the culmination and fruition of a long felt need to have training for officers of all branches in a single institution.

The training at this academy is designed to foster the spirit of camaraderie and promote healthy interaction among officers of every branch.

The academy aims to cultivate honour and integrity in every cadet and strives to graduate Air Warriors worthy of the Indian Air Force.

The mission of AFA is to inspire and transform outstanding young men and women into courageous, dynamic, intellectual and cultured young Air Warriors; motivated to lead one of the leading aerospace forces of the world in service to the nation.

The training at the Air Force Academy is designed to inculcate moral values, leadership qualities, sense of honour and duty, mental and physical prowess, a spirit of adventure and the will to win, in the Flight Cadets.

This is achieved by training in character building, discipline, military and academic subjects, physical exercise, drill, sports and adventure activities. The underlying theme of activity at the Academy is camaraderie and team spirit and a commitment to excellence.

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The idea of this Academy was conceived as far back as 1953, with an aim to bring together, at one place, the training of all fresh  entrants into the flying and ground duty branches of the Air Force except for the technical branch.

The plan was to develop the institution gradually with the pilots flying school moving in first, then the navigation and signal school and finally the ground duties training school. Construction of the Air Force Academy was delayed for several years due to the difficulty in acquiring a proper site.

Eventually, about 6700 acres of land located approx 43 Km NW of the twin cities of Hyderabadand Secunderabad was acquired from the government of Andhra Pradesh. The location was considered ideal, as satellite bases for advanced training were available at Hakimpet and Bidar and the weather was conducive for flying training for a major portion of the year.

We have collected few pictures of Air Force Academy for the aspirants which will motivate them to achieve their dreams of joining the elite AFA.

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