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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

SSB Conference Day: Everything to Know

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SSB Conference: Everything to Know

In his blog we are going to discuss about the process and importance of Conference Day in SSB. The conference is held on the final day of your stay in SSB. It is an event that consists of 10 to 12 members which include the President, the Vice-President, the GTOs, the Psychologists and the Technical Officer.

The primary objective of the conference is to reach on a consensus about particular candidates. Every candidate’s performance is discussed before his arrival to the conference room. It may be possible that some assessors cleared you and some did not. 

In that case, some situation based questions are asked, which are related to that test or the quality in which you are lacking. The assessors discuss your positive points as well as your weakness and finally reach on a consensus.

ssb conference day
Process of conducting Conference:
  • First, all the candidates go and wait in the waiting room outside the conference room.
  • Each candidate is called into the conference room one by one.
  • In the conference room, there is a single chair placed at the opposite end of the front table.
  • You will be required to sit on the chair.
  • Generally, the person who interviewed you, speaks to you.
  • Conference takes place for 5 to 10 minutes.
Questions asked in Conference:
  • How was your stay in SSB Centre?
  • Any difficulties you faced during your stay?
  • Whether you liked the food or not?
  • Are you satisfied with your performance?
  • How many friends did you make?
  • Have you visited any place around?
  • Which test you enjoyed the most?
  • Did you like the city?
  • Do you want to make any suggestion?
ssb conference day
Important Points to be kept in Mind during Conference:
  • Reach to conference venue before time. Have breakfast before going there.
  • On the Conference Day, wear a clean and well ironed formal dress. Shave properly and comb your hair well.
  • When your turn comes, go and knock the door, enter with confidence and sit after permission.
  • Wish all the members of the board immediately after you enter.
  • It is obvious for you to feel little nervous but don’t lose your confidence.
  • Answer all the questions very gently and try to avoid any contradiction in your answers.
  • Do not complain about anything.
  • Do not commit any untoward activity to attract their attention.
  • Be composed and cool. Do not shake your legs.
  • While leaving, wish everyone “Good Day”.
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Announcement of the Result:
  • After the conference, you will go for lunch and will come back with your bags packed.
  • You all will be gathered in a room. The technical officer will thank you for coming there and being very gentle, will say if you can’t make this time, do come next time.
  • After that, the chest number of successful candidates will be announced.
  • The selected candidates stay for the medical examinations which last for 3 to 5 more days and the rest candidates are asked to board the bus which will drop them to the railway station.

I hope the article was helpful for all the defence aspirants, if you have any doubt at all or you want to suggest anything then please leave a comment to help you in least possible time!!

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BlogsSSB Conference Day: Everything to Know
BlogsSSB Conference Day: Everything to Know
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