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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Afcat 2 2020 Exam Questions [Memory Based Question Paper]

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Afcat 2 2020 Exam Questions [Memory Based Question Paper]

Afcat 2 2020 Exam Questions [Memory Based Question Paper]. The exam was conducted across various centres on 3rd and 4th October 2020 to select the candidates for flying, technical and administration branch. The selected candidates will go through a rigorous 74 weeks of training at Air Force Academy Dundigal.

The question paper consists of four sections i.e English, General Knowledge, Maths and Reasoning. The level of AFCAT exam was easy to moderate. Reasoning section was easy whereas General Knowledge was easy to moderate. On the other hand, English was moderate and Mathematics was easy but some candidates found it lengthy.

List of questions asked on 3rd Oct [First Shift] :

General Knowledge:

1. Punjab kesari title given to?
2. Max sunlight falls in december in which city ?
3. Das capital written by?
4. Darbar-i-akbari?
5. Vienna is capital of ?
6. Chukkar term related to?
7. Bully term related to?
8. Afro-Asian games for the first time in hyderabad in which year?
9.  Saarc nations gold cup venue?
10. Which is the lightest gas among [Ammonia Nitrogen Carbon dioxide Hydrogen]
11. First batsman to hit 6 sixes in an over in T20?
12. Which fort was not made by akbar [Lahore Gwalior Agra Allahabad]
13. Separation of judiciary from executive is enjoined by?
14. Chris evert is associated with which game?
15. First time petroleum was found at which place in india?
16. Father of german unity?
17. UNO was found at?
18. Equator does not pass through which continent?
19. Napoleon of india?
20. Kitab-ul-hind written by?
21. Gondwana hills located in which state?
22. Hawaian island present in which ocean?
23. Power of a state in federal structure is?
24. One question related to red and green colour through atmospheric layer reason?
25. Plane used in AWACS?

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1. Two trains started from same station at same time in right angle to each other with speed of 36km/h and 48h/h. What will be the distance between then after 30sec.
2. Find the CI of sum of rs 64000 at the rate of 10% for 3 years quarterly.
3. 200 man completed 5/6 of the work in 10 weeks but due to covid 19 lockdown they were restricted and didn’t came for work and after 1 months the work started again but only 140 showed up but half of the work done was ruined. Then in many days the work will be completed.
4. P , Q ,R complete a work in 36 days . After 4 days P left and rest of the work is done by Q and R if all the 3 work equally. Remaining work is done in how many days?
5. Difference between SI and CI is rs 604 if the sum of amount is given at the rate of 25% for 3 years. Find CI.
6. The CP of 30 kg rice is equal to the SP of x kg of wheat. if the profit is 50% then find the value of x.
7. In a French library, 5% books are in English and the 10% of remaining are in Hindi and 15% of the remaining in other and 11628 in French. find the total no. Of books in library.
8. In a class, there are two groups X and Y and average weight of them are 30 and 32 respectively. If x has 50 students and y has 45 students then find the average weight of whole class.
10. A boy started painting a fence on one day on second day two boys joined, on third 3 boys joined, fourth day 4 boys joined, 5 day five boys joined and so on. The work completed in 20 days. If 10 men do the same work and the efficiency of man is twice of boy then in how many days the work will be completed.
11. Two poles stand side by side have shadows 12 feet and 14 feet. If the shadow of one pole is 42 feet then find the shadow of second.
12. A man spends rs 7 for each km if he travel by taxi and rs 6 for each km if he travel by his own car. The total of rs 556 spent on 90km then find the distance traveled by his own car.
13. A man spends rs 8,9,10/ litre for 3 years respectively. If he spent total of 4600 on petrol the find average of money spent on per litre.
14. Find (30% of 6500) divided by 26 divided by 25.
15. (1089)^2.8 X (3346)^-3.4 X (1/3300) = _ X (1089)^1

List of questions asked on 3rd Oct [Second Shift] :

1. Double fault related to which sport?
2. Leander Paes related to which sport?
3. Which one belong to slave dynasty? [Iltutmish, Akbar, Humayun, Ahemd Shah Abdali]
4. Players of basketball also known as?
5. Highest remains of iron found in?
6. International time line lies at?
7. First aircraft carrier of Indian Navy?
8. Who is also known as wizard of hockey?
9. Lord Mountbatten remained officer in India till which year? [947,1948,1950, 1952]
10. First Commonwealth games 1930 held at?
11. Who was governor general of India when Indian independent act was passed?

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