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Thursday, June 17, 2021

List Of Indian Navy’s Deadly Destroyers [Must Know]

List Of Indian Navy’s Deadly Destroyers [Must Know]

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indian navy destroyers

List Of Indian Navy’s Deadly Destroyers. Destroyers are the important part of Navy’s Arsenal. The destroyer are the large vessels, capable for combating in all the three Dimensions. It carries a large varieties of weapons. Air to Air missile, Air surface missile, Rockets, Torpedoes and large guns are mounted on Destroyers. It is capable of operating Deck based Helicopters. The Destroyers are used to escort the Aircraft Carriers in Carrier strike group. The Indian Navy operates 11 Destroyers.


The Indian Navy presently operates three classes of destroyers.

  1. Rajput Class
  2. Delhi Class
  3. Kolkata Class
The Rajput Class Destroyers:

The Rajput Class Destroyers are originated from the Soviet Union. These ships have a displacement of 4900 tonnes. The Destroyers are fitted with the Modern age weapons.

The Armament of Rajput Class Destroyer

  1. Brahmos Supersonic missiles
  2. Barak SAM missiles
  3. Dhanush Ballistic Missiles
  4. RBU-6000 Anti submarine mortars
  5. PTA quintuple Torpedoes
  6. 76.2 Main Guns

The Destroyers of this class are

  1. INS Rajput D51INS RAJPUT
  2. INS Rana D52INS RANA
  3. INS Ranvir D54INS RANVIR
  4. INS Ranvijay D55INS RANVIJAY
The Delhi Class Destroyers:

The Delhi Class Destroyers are built by Mazagon Dock Limited Mumbai. These ships have a displacement of 6200 tonnes. The destroyers are equipped with Modern Air defence systems.

The Armament of Delhi Class Destroyers

  1. Kh-35 SS-N-25 Surface to Surface Missiles
  2. Barak 1 VLS missiles
  3. Uragan Surface to air missiles
  4. Quintuple torpedoes
  5. RBU-6000 Anti submarine mortars
  6. 100 mm AK-100 gun

The Destroyers of this class are

  1. INS Delhi D61INS DELHI
  2. INS Mysore D60INS MYSORE
  3. INS Mumbai D62INS MUMBAI
The Kolkata Class Destroyers:

The Kolkata Class destroyers are the most advanced destroyers in the Indian Navy. The  ships are built by Mazagon Dock Limited, Mumbai. These are navy’s largest destroyer with stealth capabilities. The ships have displacement of 7500 tonnes.

The Armament of Kolaktta

  1. Barak 8 Missiles ( Vertical Launch )
  2. Melara SRGM guns
  3. Brahmos Supersonic Missiles
  4. RBU-6000 Anti submarine rockets
  5. Twin tube 533 mm Torpedo launchers
  6. AK-630 Close in Weapon systems

The Destroyers of this class are

  1. INS Kolkata D63INS KOLKATA
  2. INS Kochi D64INS KOCHI
  3. INS Chennai D65INS CHENNAI

Futures destroyers of Indian Navy are

The Visakhapatnam Class Destroyers

The Visahkapatnam class destroyers will be advanced destroyers with stealth Technology. These destroyers are also constructed by Mazagon Dock Limited, Mumbai. The displacement of these ships will be 7500 tonnes. The ships are upgraded versions of Kolkata Class Destroyers.

The Destroyers of this class are

  1. INS Visahkapatnam
  2. INS Mormugao
  3. INS Imphal
  4. INS Porbandar




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