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Monday, November 28, 2022

Gurleen Singh Recommended From 1 AFSB [AFCAT Entry]

Gurleen Singh Recommended From 1 AFSB [AFCAT Entry]

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Hello everyone, I am Gurleen Singh and I have been recommended from 1 AFSB Dehradun through AFCAT entry and my AFCAT score was 225. This was my 8th attempt and in previous attempts, I have been 5 times screenout and this was my 3rd conference. I belong to district Yamunanagar state Haryana.

SCREENING DAY: 218 candidates reported on screening day and 69 got screened in. For screening, I would suggest you prepare for OIR test beforehand (Refer SSB OIR book) and for PPDT try to make a story in which your main character shows some action. For example, in my story, I showed how my main character organised an annual culture event. Also, try to relate your story to some of your past events or something which a normal person can do. For GD try to give 2-3 valid points and don’t enforce your story on your group. If your story is selected then it is well and good, otherwise, always go with a group.



PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST: In Dehradun Psych test starts the same day. So after document verification got over by 3 pm, we were called for psych test at 4:30 pm. Basically in TAT stories I always use to write stories that were related to my past life events which showed my OLQs. Some pictures may be shown to you in which you may not be able to relate it to past events, in that picture I showed helping nature of my main character. In the blank story, I wrote one of my trips to Triund with my friends and showed how I organized the event and how we enjoyed as a group. In WAT all my words formation were related to my relations with parents, friends, my seniors, my juniors, qualities of a leader and successful person. In SRT just give your natural response with a full explanation and they will repeat the same situation 2 -3 times, make it sure you write the same response. For Psych test I would recommend you to go through SSB Psychology : An Officer Within You, you will get a better idea of all the tests.

INTERVIEW: For the interview, I would recommend you to focus more on PIQ. Interviewing Officer is always interested in your studies, co-curricular activities, your relations with friends, Teachers, Parents and your elder brother. Note down all the relevant information and try to include examples. For ex: I was asked by the interviewer to give an example of how I helped my father, mother and friends. He will also count on your answers; so be ready for it. Don’t speak any lie to the officer he will easily catch you by cross-questioning. Also, go through current affairs and Arab countries relations. If you answer these questions it will create a good impact on the Officer. In my interview, I was asked around 10 GK and Science question and I answered 6-7 of them.

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GTO: For GD Try to actively participate in it. Give relevant points and also listen to the group also. In GPE everyone tries to enforce his ideas so listen to them and also give your points relevantly and always try to go with group conclusion. For PGT and HGT, the most important thing is to give ideas and to cooperate with the group. In my case, I alone gave the ideas to solve 3 and 4 structure in PGT and with the help of group members, we completed it in 45 minutes. In Lecturette officer wants to see your confidence while speaking and how you represent your ideas to the group. In command, the task is ready for different situations the officer is going to give you if you have a grasp on PGT tasks you can easily clear the command task. Individual task and FGT are remaining tasks which is very easy to perform individually and with group respectively.

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HeroesGurleen Singh Recommended From 1 AFSB
HeroesGurleen Singh Recommended From 1 AFSB


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