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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Pankaj Kadyan Recommended In 8th Attempt [6 CO And 1 SO]

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Pankaj Kadyan Recommended In 8th Attempt [6 CO And 1 SO]

SSB experience of Pankaj Kadyan recommended in 8th attempt, faced 6 conference out and 1 screen out. Why do you want to join the army? I surmise regardless I don’t have the exact answer to this question. A solid excitement of energy, an inclination that you generally feel went under-expressed when described to others?

Hi everybody, I’m Pankaj Kadyan who got recommended in eighth attempt after 6 c/o and 1 s/o. I’m writing down my experience to help candidates who where it counts have faith in themselves, regardless of how frequently they face failures, one day they’ll prove that Yes, they have what the SSB is looking for.

My journey began in 2015 when I showed up for my first NDA SSB at Allahabad. Incredibly underprepared and incognizant of self I packed my bags the fifth day.

I was so desperate to join the forces that I took SSB to only an another test. I began perusing stories from internet without understanding it’s effect on my performance during the selection process.

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Post second attempt, I was great with my GTO and Interview yet the rote memory was hampering my pysch responses, bringing about disappointment once more.

At this point I was campus placed during my MBA program for a decent CTC and job profile related to my studies.

As I understood my shortcomings, I was showing up for sixth time (second AFSB), yet got screened out. I was stunned as I would consistently make it to second stage. The following 7th attempt was again AFSB in April 2019. I did well all through, was called by 6 candidates in a group of 9 during command task (has nothing to do with selection except for shows your group confides in you) yet some way or another didn’t make it this time either. Though I had build confidence and was happy with my performance.



By this time I was settling in corporate workplace and was quickly adjusting to this new job and bearing responsibilities. I could state my stint at my office likewise helped me in getting recommended. I knew there was a general improvement in my social and intellectual qualities. And, I promised to myself of this attempt being the last one.

Showed up for SSB in August one final time. The haunting psych test were no more sweating me. I took every photo of TAT and related it to my background. I was not making my hero to be an IAS, IPS official. (For example on the off chance that there was a dull room, I took it to be a store room which required cleaning)

The hint, according to my understanding of SSB, is to relate it to your life. What’s more, in the event that you know where you lack, you have the most obvious opportunity to make it.

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My interview went on for about 100 minutes and was asked everything from my childhood to my work profile. Ground tasks were great, I was listening to others when my ideas won’t work and help implement them, took my group out of situation when it was stuck in PGT. CT went well, the GTO asked how much time I would require to complete the task. “ I’ll do it in 10 Sir”. “You have 15 minutes” I along with subordinates and helping material crossed over to the finish line well within 10 mins. The GTO then increased the difficulty levels and asked me for “any more ideas”. After completing the task by putting in about 30 minutes and 6-7 different methods, I was asked to leave. The conference as always was scary, as I entered the board prez asked what changes had I brought in myself after these many attempts, the Psych kept writing. He then asked 2 pros and cons of being 6’. Everyone laughed and posed no further question.

4 of us got recommended that day.

“When you need to be acknowledged, acknowledge others without anticipating anything from them in return. If you need to be listened, first listen to other people”



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HeroesPankaj Kadyan Recommended In 8th Attempt
HeroesPankaj Kadyan Recommended In 8th Attempt
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