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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Sanjay Paul Recommended For SSC Tech 53 (AIR 4)

Sanjay Paul Recommended For SSC Tech 53 (AIR 4)

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Ladies and gentlemen, the first and foremost thing that you need to succeed is to dream and believing in those dreams even when the chips are down.

Hello everyone, I’m Sanjay Paul. I recently got recommended for SSC TECH 53 and secured AIR 04. I would like to share my success story with you guys because I want to shatter the myth that only ‘talented’ people get in.
It all started in 2015, when I got to know that there’s an exam called CDS through which one can become an officer in Armed forces. Although I am from an armed forces background, I didn’t knew much about the entries.
Like every other college kid, I too was a rebel without cause and wanted to change the world with music (Yeah that’s what I wanted to be).
But after losing a precious year, I decided to give more focus towards studies and shifted the gears. I cut myself off from the social media and started working on myself and many failures.

I was finally able to clear the CDS written exam (and that too in my last attempt). But as fate would have it, I got screened out.

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I thought I was gone case but at that point of time, I started working with Col. Sinha’s Gurudeva’s SSB Academy in Pune. I started taking discussions, psychology and current affairs classes. Under the guidance of Col. Sinha, I was able to hone my skills and increase my knowledge base.
I started participating in marathons, wrote blogs and articles on international events, started reading books, went for charity events and most importantly I gave up the thought of getting recommended.
See friends, it’s good to have a clear cut goal but just by practicing everything on paper, you can’t achieve it.
Friends, don’t do things only for the sake of it but enjoy the journey.
You know, this was my last attempt and I had started preparing for TA exam because I wanted to get in somehow into this organisation. At one point of time I made my mind for TA rally.
And at the end of the day, finally my hard work paid off and I got recommended in my last attempt.
Friends I got 82.83% in my 10th, 73.70% in my 12th and 52.70% in my engineering. Plus I haven’t played any sports at any major level. I had nothing except my hard work, determination and grit. As I had nothing more to lose, I gave my everything into this.
My point is, ladies and gentlemen, that utilise every instant for your growth. Even while scrolling through Instagram, visit this page, write stories and other test(I did and I still do), while travelling listen to news. Stop listening to naysayers and grind every day 24 X 7.
To sum it up be possessed like a mad dog.
And yeah, Hardwork always beats talent.
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HeroesSanjay Paul Recommended For SSC Tech 53 (AIR 4)
HeroesSanjay Paul Recommended For SSC Tech 53 (AIR 4)


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