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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Busting myths about SSB

Busting myths about SSB 

Hello aspirants,

I have experienced SSB procedure and would like to enlighten you with all the myths that surround the process. In this post, I will let you know about all the false belief that even I used to have before going to the SSB which is not so ever true.

Reporting at the pickup point (mostly railway station)
  1. I was told that the moment you report at the MCO for your SSB they start to keep an eye on you about how you walk and interact with each other which is not the truth. No one has that much time in this world to do that.
  2. Helping in loading the luggage will get you an extra brownie point in your selection which is also not true as well. But you should always volunteer to help in any way possible.
After reporting at the center
  1. It is a typical sight inboard that you will witness everyone trying to interact with each other in English so that it will give a good impact which is also not true the idea of SSB is to test your effectiveness and not your knowledge in any particular language, but it is always better to try speaking in English.
  2. Many have a common misconception that if any candidate prevails from army background or any of the Military school have more chance of getting selected compared to non-army background candidate while both have equal opportunities, and it depends on your skill and qualities. SSB is not biased in any manner.
  3. Some candidates don’t get chance to speak in GD, and they start Shouting during GD (group discussion) thinking it will help them getting screened in, which is also not true. Teamwork should be the prime focus.
  4. One of the common myth is that OIR is not checked, so let me tell you it plays a vital role in your clearance of stage 1
  5. It is told that your stay will always be watched and there are hidden cameras everywhere let me tell you that this is also not true it only said so that you portray yourself as a gentleman always during the stay
  6. Mess boy or the dhobi(washerman) also report your behavior in the mess or anteroom to the president which is not true, but it is always preferred to be a gentleman and treat them politely.
  7. Playing during the free time will increase your chances of selection is yet another myth that needs to be busted.
  8. Repeaters have low chance of selection as they have been rejected before is yet another myth everyone has an equal opportunity of selection when you come to SSB.
  9. If you have any approach it will help you in easy selection is also not true as SSB is an entirely fair procedure and nothing of that sort happen in SSB.
During GTO
  1. Doing more number of Individual obstacle task will increase your selection chance let me tell you one task cannot get you in or out IO is only your test of stamina
  2. Sometimes what happens you are called for an interview immediately after GTO and do not get a chance to change, and many believe that it is a bad sign, but this is not the truth even the interviewing officer is aware that you are coming from the ground but if you get time do change into formals.
  3. During PGT, HGT, or any other group task speaking in Hindi will fetch you low marks is also a myth as your ideas are important not the language.
  4. Carrying more of helping material will show you are strong and helpful is also a myth
  5. During lecturette choosing average topic will not be a good choice is also a myth. My friends, in this task your command over the subject is less important but how you speak and organize your topic is vital.
At the conference
  1. Giving valid suggestions in the conference will reduce your chances of selection is also not right but what I mean to say is that suggestions should be legitimate and not like the bed wasn’t comfortable, mosquitoes, etc. you are going to the SSB board for selection and not to any 5 start hotel for a pleasant stay.

Hope this post will clear all the myth and misconception about the procedure.

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BlogsBusting myths about SSB
BlogsBusting myths about SSB


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