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Thursday, July 18, 2024

How to Crack CDS Maths Paper Easily?

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Are you sitting comfortably? good because we are going to dive deep to Crack CDS Maths.

Firstly, CDS Maths is paper 3 of Combined Defence Service Written Test. This paper is only for those candidates who have given preference for IMA, AFA & INA.

If you have chosen OTA or you are a female candidate, Paper 3 Mathematics is not for you.

Now, you may have appeared for CDS before or may have seen previous year papers but even if you haven’t, don’t worry. Today you’ll get completely well versed with CDS mathematics

So, the first truth about CDS Maths is that is always a “Lengthy” paper and overall difficulty is always “Moderate

There are 100 Questions in CDS Maths paper and time given is 2 hours.

So, Strategically you have 72 seconds to answer each question but wait! not every question is equally easy or difficult. Let us give you a division of difficulty that you’ll never find anywhere else

difficulty level cds maths

Unveiling the Blueprint

Second truth is that every chapter has its own difficulty level and the weightage of every chapter is different. This BLUEPRINT is extremely important for anyone preparing for CDS Maths. This will help you to give preference to chapters and assist you in your preparation plan

This blueprint is based on the analysis of the past 10 years’ question papers. Utilize it to your advantage, identifying the easiest chapters and those carrying more weightage.

cds maths birds eye view

Unraveling Smart Approaches

The Second truth is that time management during the exam is critical. Even the most adept at mathematics may find it challenging to attempt more than 50% of the paper due to the limited time.

See for yourself that you have only 72 seconds for each question or to be realistic 150 seconds for attempting 70% of the paper. Even 150 seconds are not enough if you did not change the method of your approach. Yes! You’ll have to have smart approach here.

No one is going to check your step by step solution, no one will see if you are using correct formula. Whether you ticked the right option is all that they will see.

So, what is the smart approach?

The smart approach involves using “TRICKS”. Yes, shortcut tricks! These shortcuts can provide answers within 30 seconds, as opposed to the traditional step-by-step methods taking 3-4 minutes.

Where can you find these valuable tricks? You won’t likely stumble upon them online. However, there’s one book that contains all the shortcut tricks for CDS Maths, named “CDS Maths Fastrack with shortcut tricks”

cds maths book

Each chapter in this book is broken down into different types and subtypes of questions commonly asked in the exam. Moreover, these types are explained with examples and shortcut tricks, where applicable, followed by practice questions. Each chapter concludes with fully solved practice exercises and a question bank with answer keys.

cds maths

This comprehensive book equips you to confidently attempt 70% of the CDS Maths Paper using these shortcut tricks and a smart approach, helping you score high enough to clear the respective cutoffs for IMA, INA & AFA.

Curious about how to get your hands on this book? You can easily order the new edition from Amazon & Flipkart.

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BlogsHow to Crack CDS Maths Paper Easily?
BlogsHow to Crack CDS Maths Paper Easily?


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