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Sunday, January 29, 2023

English Speaking – Is it a barrier for SSB selection?

English Speaking-Is it a barrier for SSB selection?

There are many doubts about this question that “Is English really a necessity of SSB“?

Can we speak in HINDI? well, this is a common doubt that arises in every aspirant’s mind who is either good at Hindi or weak in English. To begin with, Service selection Board advises you to speak in “ENGLISH”.

Furthermore, one cannot use regional languages. You can use HINGLISH (the mixture of Hindi & English). However, several SSB board nowadays do not entertain any other language except English. Thus, there is no escape

Start Your Preperations

The best option is to try your best to speak in English. Show your effort at least. In cases where you feel you are stuck in a sentence, you may use Hindi until the point you are comfortable back on track again. If you are a good orator, it is definitely going to make an impact on officers and other aspirants as well. one must understand this that an Orator is not identified by the language, rather he is identified by the communication techniques he uses to influence others.

english speaking ssb selection

If you don’t have such qualities as the power of expression, how can you make a good impact on soldiers? In SSB the English language is not a barrier in the selection process but definitely a powerful asset in the selection procedure. Stronghold in this language can help you from the very first day in PP&DT, in GPE, and of course in the personal interview.

Assume that your language is a rifle and the knowledge is bullets of the rifle. Both are the necessity of any mission. You cannot go with an empty rifle and you cannot go with a bullet. Just imagine if you are a candidate with good knowledge about the current affair and fluent in English. No one can beat you in any argument in group discussion. Fill your mind with current affairs, its analysis, your opinion, and review. It will certainly improve your ability of power of expression. There are many candidates who are not from English medium but still, they are successful officers.

english speaking ssb selection

If you are not good at speaking English ask yourself what puts you down? It’s not hard to speak English, what stops you?. If you give excuses like you are not from English medium or from a village or from a conservative background this shows your attitude toward the situation. If you are not able to overcome this tine-tiny difficulty of your life how can they expect you to lead the soldiers? So don’t give up on excuses and start preparing for the interview. Go through the free Ultimate English guide 

Most of the candidates don’t understand that they actually fear coming forward and to speak in front of everyone. They unconsciously blend this drawback of theirs with English as an escape to a good excuse. The soldiers under your command will certainly understand Hindi better than any other language but what if you have a fear of public speaking. Remember that if you are not able to speak in front 15-20 people how can you order your battalions? You have to work on building your confidence. Start taking the initiative of coming forward to speak in every opportunity that you get.

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“No one is perfect in any language. You just become better day by day”. It depends on you how better you want to become.

BlogsEnglish Speaking - Is it a barrier for SSB selection?
BlogsEnglish Speaking - Is it a barrier for SSB selection?



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