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Monday, November 28, 2022

AFCAT GK Test Quiz Online

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Attempt the AFCAT GK Test Quiz Online, passing percentage is 70% with a time limit of 30 minutes.

#1. Who is the first Indian to receive the Jnanpith Award?

#2. Arabica, Robusta and Liberica are varieties of

#3. In which state, Athlete Hima Das is appointed as Deputy Superintendent of Police?

#4. Where is the Headquarters of UNICEF located?

#5. The second Battle of Tarain was fought in the year?

#6. Who started the Indian Opinion Newspaper during British India?

#7. Who won the Emilia Romagna F1 Grand Prix Italy 2021?

#8. The Construction of Qutub Minar was completed by?

#9. Who among the following founded the Bhil Seva Mandal in 1922?

#10. Kudremukh Iron Ore is located in which State?

#11. "The Great Bath" was discovered in which site of Indus valley civilization?

#12. Aluminium is manufactured from

#13. The famous Vembanad lake is located in which state?

#14. Ahmed Hussain Lala, who passed away recently was related to which sport?

#15. The Online Artificial Intelligence driven Portal "SUPACE" is launched by?

#16. Who is the first women to receive Jnanpith Award?

#17. The CSIR Institute - Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology is located in which city?

#18. Who founded the Central Hindu School at Banaras, which was later developed into Banaras Hindu university?

#19. Which Marathi Film has won Best Foreign Language Feature at Moscow Film Festival?

#20. Which one of the following is included in Article 51A (Part IV A) of the constitution of India?

#21. Who is elected as the New President of Vietnam?

#22. The "UDAN" scheme of Ministry of Civil Aviation focuses on?

#23. Who became youngest Women Wrestler to represent India in Tokyo Olympics?

#24. Ozone layer, which absorbs the ultra-violet radiation, is found in which one of the following layers of atmosphere?

#25. Which country is not the part of Malabar Naval Exercise?

#26. Wing Commander Abhinandan belonged to which squadron during Balakot Strikes?

#27. The National Remote sensing centre of ISRO is located in?

#28. Who founded the Marathi Newspaper "Kesari" ?

#29. The Radioactive isotype of Hydrogen is

#30. The Koraput Bauxite Ore is located in which State?

#31. The Vindhyachal Thermal Power station is located in which State?

#32. The Indian National Congress was formed in the year?

#33. Who started the Harijan Weekly Journal during British India?

#34. The World's first ship tunnel will be built in which country?

#35. The Special forces exercise "Vajra Prahar 2021" was jointly participated by which Countries?

#36. The Bokaro Steel Plant is located in which State?

#37. The Government of India scheme "Gram Ujala Scheme" is related to?

#38. Which sport has been recently included in Khelo India Youth Games 2021?

#39. Which one of the following teams is the winner of the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, 2021?

#40. Who among the following was overthrown was the head of Government that was overthrown by the Bolsheviks in the 1971 Revolution?

#41. What was the name of Special Train Service of Indian Railways to supply Medical Oxygen?

#42. Which cricket player won the Inaugural ICC player of the Month Award in January 2021?

#43. Pick the odd one out:

#44. The Third Battle of Panipat was bought between?

#45. What is the theme of Global Bio-India 2021?

#46. Which state will host the Indian Women's Football League 2020-21?

#47. Which Nation has recently rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement?

#48. Who was the Chairman of the National Commission for Review of the Working of the Constitution (2000) ?

#49. Treaty of Srirangapatnam was signed between which Indian King and British?

#50. Who is conferred with French honour "Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters"?



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Grab current affairs and DDE AFCAT BOOK that will help you succeed.

The Pattern of Quiz:

MON – Defence and Aviation Quiz
TUE – History/Geo/Polity
FRI – Static GK Quiz
SAT – Current Affairs Quiz
SUN – 50 Questions Test Series

QuizAFCAT GK Test Quiz Online
QuizAFCAT GK Test Quiz Online



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