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Monday, November 28, 2022

50 Questions test series

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50 Questions Test Series for CDS 2 2021. Hello Aspirants, DDE is bringing a series of Quizzes on daily basis. A new Quiz will be updated at 11 am every morning. One can attempt these Quizzes and boost their scores in the NDA, CDS, AFCAT, INET, Territorial Army and SSB OIR.

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#1. Which Indian Company Collaborated with Oxford University Vaccine Programme?

#2. Which sport has been recently included in Khelo India Youth Games 2021?

#3. Cyclone Nivar which has recently hit the India, The Name "Nivar" for cyclone is given by which country?

#4. What is name of Bilateral Naval Maritime Exercise between India and France?

#5. The P8-I Maritime Patrol Aircraft is procured from which country?

#6. Who started the Indian Mirror Newspaper during British India?

#7. Which Command conducted the Tri service exercise named "Bull Strike”?

#8. Who is crowned as the "VLCC Femina Miss India World 2020" ?

#9. The famous “Pashupati seal” was discovered in which site of Indus valley civilization?

#10. Which one of the following is included in Article 51A (Part IV A) of the constitution of India?

#11. Who was appointed as the new Prime Minister of Nigeria recently?

#12. Who has won National Award for Social Welfare and Women Empowerment?

#13. Which Marathi Film has won Best Foreign Language Feature at Moscow Film Festival?

#14. Treaty of Srirangapatnam was signed between which Indian King and British?

#15. What is the full form of "NITI" in NITI Aayog?

#16. The natural vegetation which covers the maximum geographical areas of India is

#17. Which Airline has launched a campaign "Calendar of Hope" in India?

#18. Who was the First Chinese pilgrim to Visit India?

#19. What is the name of Mars Rover launched by NASA that extracted oxygen in Mars?

#20. The major source of vitamins and minerals for vegetarians is

#21. What is the name Exercise conducted by India and France, which was different from Garuda Exercise?

#22. Which one of the following rivers is not a tributary of river Brahmaputra?

#23. What is the full form LED ( a semi- conductor device)?

#24. What is the name of Russian Vaccine which got permission for emergency use in India?

#25. OFEK 16, a spy satellite has been launched by which country?

#26. Which football team has won League Cup football tournament?

#27. The recently built World's Highest Railway Bridge Arch is located in which Indian State?

#28. What is the name of Special Train Service of Indian Railways to supply Medical Oxygen?

#29. Which country has entered into an agreement with India to prevent plastic waste entering oceans?

#30. Who is honoured with Japan's Order of Rising Sun?

#31. Which Indian Cricketer has released an autobiography "Believe - What Life and Cricket Taught Me"?

#32. Who has won Portuguese Grand Prix 2021?

#33. What is the name of space helicopter launched by NASA to land on Mars?

#34. Who was elected as new president of Hockey India?

#35. Which country is not the part of Malabar Naval Exercise?

#36. Which of the following longitudes determines Indian Standard Time?

#37. Who has launched project "Oxygen on Wheels" to bridge the gap between oxygen production and reaching hospitals?

#38. Who is appointed as the new Chief Justice of India (CJI)?

#39. The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research which comes under Department of Atomic Energy is located in which city?

#40. The Aeronautical Development Agency which involved in development of LCA Tejas and AMCA Fighter is located in which city?

#41. What is name of Indian diplomat who has been elected to the UN Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ)?

#42. The Cyclone "Burevi" recently hit the southern coast of India, Which Country has given the Name "Burevi" ?

#43. Which Indian Badminton Player won sliver medal BWF Swiss Open super 300?

#44. What is the name of Japanese made Most powerful Supercomputer?

#45. Which Indian Actor will be honoured with an award by International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF)?

#46. Where will be the India's first geothermal power project will be established?

#47. Indian Navy has launched Operation Samudra Setu II, what is the purpose of this Operation?

#48. Mars mission named HOPE is launched by which Country?

#49. Senior TV Journalist Rohit Sardana, who passed away recently was associated with which News Channel?

#50. Which oe of the following is not a form of condensation?



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Grab current affairs and Books that will help you succeed.

The Pattern of Quiz:

MON – Defence and Aviation Quiz
TUE – History/Geo/Polity
FRI – Static GK Quiz
SAT – Current Affairs Quiz
SUN – 50 Questions Test Series

Quiz50 Questions test series
Quiz50 Questions test series


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