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Friday, October 7, 2022

Sector Sunday – Mega DDE Online Quiz

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Attempt the Mega DDE Quiz Online, passing percentage is 70% with a time limit of 40 Minutes.

#1. On 31st December, 1929, in which one of the following Congress Sessions was proclamation of Purna Swaraj made?

#2. What was the code name given to the first ever tri-service military exercise between India and USA?

#3. Who was won the International Booker 2021?

#4. WhatsApp recently is in the news due to new IT rules, WhatsApp is owned by?

#5. Bagalihar, Dulhasti and Dalal hydro power projects have been developed on which of the following rivers?

#6. The World Environment Day is observed on

#7. Who is appointed as the new President of Israel?

#8. The famous "Gandhi Solar Park" is located at

#9. In the year 1928, a committe of congress leaders drafted the constitution for India. The committee was headed by?

#10. The Panama Canal opened in 1914, links

#11. Koneru Humpy excels in which one of the following sports?

#12. Which one of the following is the largest composition in Biogas?

#13. Which one of the following countries is called as the "country of winds"?

#14. The Indus Best MegaFood Park is located in

#15. What is the rank of Indian Men's Hockey team in International Hockey Federation World Rankings?

#16. Who was the first recipient of Dadasaheb Phalke award?

#17. Who among the following was one of the founders of the Indian Society of Oriental Art?

#18. Which country has replaced Maldives to host the 2023 Indian Ocean Island Games?

#19. Who is honoured with "WHO Director-General Special Recognition Award" on World Tobacco Day?

#20. MILAN, a multi-lateral Naval Exercise 2020 was hosted by which one of the following cities?

#21. The property of the sound waves that determines the pitch of the sound is its

#22. Who has hosted Global G20 Summit virtually?

#23. IPL 2021 will be resumed in which country?

#24. If X is the temperature of a system in Kelvin and Y is the temperature of the system in Celsius, the correct relation between them is

#25. Which one of the following is the oldest scientific department of Government of India?

#26. What is the name of the Bilateral Naval Exercise between India and France?

#27. Mahatma Gandhi's Dandi March, a great event in Indian freedom struggle, was associated with

#28. Who is appointed as the Vice Chief of Indian Air Force?

#29. Nyishi Tribe found mainly in

#30. Who has won the Gold Medal in 91 Kg Weight Category at Asian Boxing Championships?

#31. Who has won the Belgrade Tennis open?

#32. What are names of WHO named Covid variants found in India?

#33. New Zealand is considered part of which one of the following islands groups?

#34. Pick the odd one out : QUAD countries

#35. Who is appointed as the new chairperson of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) ?

#36. Which one of the following Indian states does NOT share International border with two or more countries?

#37. Which book has recently won the "International Business Book of the year Award for 2021?

#38. The work Siyar-ul-Mutakherin, which describes the Battle of Plassey, 1757, was written by

#39. Which one of the following was the official mascot of Khelo India Youth Games, 2020?

#40. Which one of the following is the most fundamental characteristic of an element?

#41. Which one of the following types of Radiations has the smallest wavelength?

#42. The call for Garibi Hatao was incorporated in

#43. Who has won the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League Final?

#44. The ICC has expanded how many contestant teamfor the 50 over World Cup?

#45. What is "Tikki Mausi" in the context of malnutrition?

#46. Who has won the Silver Medal at 2021 Asian Boxing Championships?

#47. "Naseem-Al-Bahr" is a bilateral Naval Exercise between India and

#48. Which one of the following rivers joins ganga directly?

#49. Who was the viceroy of India during time of Gandhiji's Dandi March?

#50. "Hishab ki Kitaab" scheme is launched by which ministry?



Congratulations! Only a few could do it. Grab current affairs and Books that will help you succeed.

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Grab current affairs and Books that will help you succeed.


The Pattern of Quiz:

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TUE – History/Geo/Polity
FRI – Static GK Quiz
SAT – Current Affairs Quiz
SUN – 50 Questions Test Series


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Amaranath Siddaraddi
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