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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Attempt the Mega DDE Quiz Online, passing percentage is 70% with a time limit of 40 Minutes.

#1. Which water body separates the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

#2. Which Indian economist has been conferred with "2021 Princess of Asturias Award" by Spain?

#3. Who has won 2021 French Grand Prix?

#4. What was the code name given to the first ever tri-service military exercise between India and USA?

#5. Which state is the largest producer of Iron ore in India?

#6. Who has hosted Global G20 Summit virtually?

#7. Who is honoured with "WHO Director-General Special Recognition Award" on World Tobacco Day?

#8. Which cricketer has started the Cricket Coaching and Learn Portal "Cricuru" for younger players?

#9. The property of the sound waves that determines the pitch of the sound is

#10. Who is named as Captain of Indian Men's Hockey team for Olympics?

#11. What is the name of rotary wing Aerobatic team of Indian Air Force?

#12. The Cyclone "Burevi" which hit the southern coast of India, Which Country has given the Name "Burevi”?

#13. Cell Wall is not present in cells of

#14. Where is Western Naval Command is located?

#15. The Panama Canal opened in 1914, links

#16. Which country has replaced Maldives to host the 2023 Indian Ocean Island Games?

#17. Who is present Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ?

#18. Where is Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) is located?

#19. Which one of the following Indian states does NOT share International border with two or more countries?

#20. Which two cities of India has won Smart city award 2020 jointly?

#21. Koneru Humpy excels in which one of the following sports?

#22. Which city will host Indian Grand Prix 4 Athletic Competition?

#23. Who is appointed as the new President of Cuba?

#24. "Naseem-Al-Bahr" is a bilateral Naval Exercise between India and

#25. The Headquarters of South Western Railway is located at?

#26. Which state has won "E-Panchayat Puraskar 2021"?

#27. Who is the present Chairman of Defence Acquisition Council?

#28. Which one of the following is correct about "Pinaka" ?

#29. The ship floats on what principle?

#30. Which one of the following countries is called as the "country of winds"?

#31. What was the theme for World Environment Day 2021?

#32. Where is Keoladeo National Park located?

#33. Where was the Aero India Air show and Defence Exhibition 2021 was held?

#34. What is the full form of "NITI" in NITI Aayog?

#35. Which State has secured first place in Smart city awards 2020?

#36. Who is named as Captain of Indian Women's Hockey team for Olympics?

#37. Who has won 2021 UN Land for Life Award?

#38. Which Indian Wrestler has clinched Gold medal in Poland Open?

#39. Where is Manas National Park located?

#40. Farkhor Air Base, India's Military Airbase situated in which Foreign Country?

#41. Sunil Chettri excels in which one of the following sports?

#42. Where is Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant located?

#43. Which one of the following cricketer is selected as Brand Ambassador of OnePlus?

#44. Raimona National Park has become sixth national park of which State?

#45. Where is Mount Nyiragongo the Active Volcano is located?

#46. Who has won French Open Tennis Title 2021?

#47. Cyclone Yass which recently hit Indian North of Eastern Coast. The Yass name is given by which Country?

#48. Which Airport has won honour in Airport Service Quality?

#49. Pick the odd one out : QUAD countries

#50. Where is Panna National Park / Tiger Reserve located?



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Grab current affairs and Books that will help you succeed.

The Pattern of Quiz:

MON – Defence and Aviation Quiz
TUE – History/Geo/Polity
FRI – Static GK Quiz
SAT – Current Affairs Quiz
SUN – 50 Questions Test Series


Amaranath Siddaraddi
Amaranath Siddaraddi
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