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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Technical Questions Asked In SSB Interview [Must Know]

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Technical Questions Asked In SSB Interview [Must Know]

List of technical questions asked in ssb interview. SSB is meant to ascertain your projected behaviour in the context of a potential leader and an officer material. Hence, the process of assessment and selection is very similar for various types of entries, including for candidates applying for technical entries

During the course of your interview, the IO might ask some basic questions relating to your technical stream. These questions will be more generic in nature and can be easily handled by you if you have carried out some research pertaining to your stream in the context of the defence forces.

We are listing out a few probable areas with respect to various technical fields that the IO may like to broach upon. This list is by no means exhaustive; you may develop further on similar lines to make it more comprehensive.

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Civil Engineers: Fundamentals of construction and architecture, meaning and role of Nominal Ground Pressure, parameters for constructing earthquake resistant buildings, latest trends in architectural designs, how to improve your effectiveness by using your CE knowledge in respect of your envisaged role in the forces (laying of mechanical bridges, laying and breaching mine fields, construction of shelters during peace and war, operating water expedients during operations and rescue/ relief operations in aid of civil authorities, establishing and manning water points during operations, demolition of bridges and built up areas, etc), latest trends in various engineering equipment like dozers, earthmovers, mines, bridges, etc.

Mechanical Engineers: Fundamentals of driving and maintenance of vehicles, mechanics for improving volumetric efficiency, Direct Injection engines, role of catalytic convertors, Anti Braking System, enhancing fuel efficiency of engines, aerodynamics and streamlining, meaning of EURO norms, etc. How can you use your mechanical engineering knowledge to contribute towards the upkeep of the equipment fleet in the services (preparing maintenance schedules, speed governance, repair and recovery of transports during peace and operations, training of users, forecasting, demanding and maintain inventory of spares, etc).



Computer Science: Cloud computing; distribution of bandwidth of the spectrum for use by different commercial/ government users; use of computer science in integrated missile technology programme, communication systems and surveillance devices; how ‘sensor to shooter’ timing is being telescoped by integrating various components deployed in the war zone; how Nano-technology has given a boost to new and smarter inventions; modernization plan and use of technology in the forces; role and principle of function of various electronic devices like RADAR, or AWACS, etc.

Electronics and Communication: Integrated circuits and its use in electronics, use of technology in command, control and communication systems, establishing innovative communication grids during peace and operations, principles of working of wireless communication, electronic warfare and countering jamming and interference in communication, basic information about type of radio sets and communication means held with the forces, indigenisation of electronics / communication equipment and latest trends in its designs, etc.

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Electrical Engineers: Conventional and unconventional recourses of power, innovations in low cost, low maintenance equipment to improve work efficiency, like labour saving devices, unmanned vehicles, robotics, etc? Designing and fabricating precision instruments, preparing schedules and maintaining records for inspection, repair and maintenance of armaments and instruments.

Chemical Engineers: Information about metallurgy, basic know how about terms like metal fatigue, heavy forging, composite armour and reactive armour, Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) warfare, use of camouflaging paints for deception, use of chemicals/ paints to ward off thermal detection, etc.

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BlogsTechnical Questions Asked In SSB Interview
BlogsTechnical Questions Asked In SSB Interview


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