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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Important Milestones Of DRDO In Last One Year

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Important milestones of DRDO in the last one year. Twenty-eight (28) successful tests have been carried out by DRDO in the last one year. The major weapons and Important milestones of DRDO are that have been handed over to the armed forces by the Defence Research and Development Organisation are Astra Beyond Visual Range Missile System, 10 m Short Span Bridging System, Indian Maritime Situational Awareness System (IMSAS), Heavy Weight Torpedo (HWT) Varunastra, Border Surveillance System (BOSS) and Arjun Mk-1A.

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The development cum Production Partner (DcPP) policy for DRDO developed systems ensures the involvement of industries from the beginning of the development cycle, thus enabling industries and facilitating hand-holding throughout the development phase.

Important milestones of DRDO

DRDO is a research and development organisation. All systems designed and developed by DRDO are manufactured by the Indian industries which include both public and private sectors entities. Some of the Systems that are developed by such collaboration during the last one year are as follows:

  1. Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS)
  2. Extended Range Pinaka System & Guided Pinaka Rocket System
  3. 10 m Short Span Bridging System
  4. Indian Maritime Situational Awareness System (IMSAS)
  5. Heavy Weight Torpedo (HWT) Varunastra
  6. Border Surveillance System (BOSS) and Arjun Mk-1A etc.

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Defence Research and Development Organisation has many foreign collaborations. DRDO works in futuristic R&D and technology development in collaboration with some Foreign Countries. Defence Research and Development Organisation co-chairs the following G-to-G Forums:-

· India-USA Joint Technology Group

· Indo-Israel Management Council

· India-Russia R&D Subgroup

· India-Singapore defence technology steering committee

· India-UK steering committee

· India-Korea steering committee

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