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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Why are the international military exercises conducted

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Why are the international military exercises conducted

How are you doing friends? I hope you are preparing well for the upcoming exams and interviews. As we hear often in the news about the international military exercises whether it is Army, Navy and Air Force. So what are they, why are they conducted or what is actually their purpose.

Today we will be discussing that here. And also in the recent years, India has started some of its military exercises with more and more countries. Like India also started such exercises with 17 African countries this year.


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Most importantly, in today’s international affairs, military diplomacy has emerged a major tool for in the interest of Nations. So firstly, it is an indication of the highest level of trust and confidence between the member nations. Now looking at the operational side. Military exercises certainly enable militaries to understand each other’s drills and procedures, overcome language barriers, and facilitate familiarisation with equipment capabilities. And above all, this is very necessary whether in war or in operations other than war (OOTW) – humanitarian aid, disaster relief, anti-piracy, etc.


Here are some of the major military exercises of India held in 2018:
  • VINBAX 1 India – Vietnam
  • Vajra Prahar India – United States of America
  • Shakrti – IV India – France
  • Lamitye VIII India – Seychelles
  • Khanjar V India – Krygyzstan
  • Harimau Shakti India – Malaysia
  • Surya Kiran XIII India – Nepal


  • Maitree India – Thailand
  • KAZIND 2018 India – Kazakhstan
  • Yudh Abhyas 2018 India – United states
  • Nomadic Elephant 2018 India – Mongolia
  • Dharma Guardian India – Japan
  • Indra 2018 India – Russia
  • Vajra Prahar India – USA
  • Hand in Hand India – China
  • INDRA NAVY maritime India – Russia
  • Konkan 18 Naval Exercise India- United Kingdom
  • Samudra Shakti India- Indonesia
  • INDO CORPAT India- Indonesia


  • JIMEX-18 India- Japan
  • SLINEX-2018 India and Sri Lanka
  • IMBEX 2018-19 India and Myanmar
  • Mitra Shakti VI India- Sri Lanka
  • MALABAR Naval Exercise Japan India U.S
  • Sahyog HOP TAC 2018 Naval Exercise India-Vietnam
  • Sea Vigil Naval Exercise Indian Navy and Coast Guard
  • Mainamati Maitree Exercise 2019 Indian BSF and BGB


So these were some of the major Indian military exercises that we must know. To get more such content, stay connected. You can also leave a comment if you want any specific topic to be covered.

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BlogsWhy are the international military exercises conducted
BlogsWhy are the international military exercises conducted
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