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Monday, May 27, 2024

Rapid Fire SSB : Question Sets For SSB Interview

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Rapid Fire SSB : Question Sets For SSB Interview

Hello lads, how’s the Josh?

So in today’s blog, our main focus would be on the candidates having upcoming SSB’s.

We are going to give you a detailed idea about the Rapid Fire questions asked in the SSB Interview and how to deal with them.

As most of us are acquainted with the fact that Interview is one of the best ways in which we can express ourselves.

As in an Interview, there is an only one-to-one conversation and we can show them who we actually are.

On the other hands if we talk about the GD’s and another task we simply have to wait for the right opportunities to butt in.

So thus giving a good interview could ensure you in getting through.

What are Rapid Fire Questions?
  • During an interview, the interview asked you general questions based on your PIQ form filled by you.
  • The interviewer also sometimes throws an array of questions (6-15 questions) that are needed to recall by you and then answer in the sequence they are asked.
  • The main aim of the Rapid Fire questions is just to ensure how you react under pressure situation.
  • Also, it shows how attentive you are in day-to-day situations.
How to answer Rapid Fire Questions?
  • First of all, you need to stay calm.
  • Also recalling 10-15 questions all in a sequence is something very difficult, so recall as much as you can and answer confidently.
  • Remember the purpose is just to build pressure on you nothing else. Be patient. Be calm
  • Answer the questions asked to the point and as many questions as you can.
  • If you forget to answer some questions request and apologise to the interviewer and complete them confidently.
  • Don’t show that you are nervous or worried, because it’s just an interview.
  • Your confidence will speak volumes about you, that is the key to excel.
Rapid Fire Question Sets:
Set 1:
  1. Name of the place you come from?
  2. The institution where you had your education?
  3. Favourite Subjects in 10th class?
  4. Favourite teacher in 10th class, why?
  5. Teachers you did not like in 10th, why?
  6. Your 12th class marks?
  7. Favourite subjects in 12th class?
  8. Favourite teachers in 12th class, why?
  9. Any competitive exam after 12th, what was the result?
  10. Any special achievement?
Set 2:
  1. Tell me your three strong points
  2. Tell me your three-week points
  3. What was your best moment?
  4. Any worst moment in your life?
  5. How many members in your family?
  6. Tell me about your hobby?
  7. Things you want to change in your personality?
  8. Do you have any girlfriend?
  9. Tell me about the place where you are coming from?
  10. Why do you want to join the Army?
  11. Who are your best friends and why?
  12. How many friends you have and how many of them are very close to you?
  13. What things do you like about your native place?
Set 3:
  1. Where are you coming from?
  2. What do you do professionally?
  3. Tell me about your family members?
  4. With whom you are closer?
  5. Where have you studied?
  6. What was your score 4 in 10th & 12th class?
  7. Your favourite subjects in 10th & 12th class?
  8. Favourite teacher and teacher, you don’t like?
  9. Why your score is less in 10th 12th?
  10. Why did you not try for NDA after 12th?
  11. What sports have you played during schooling?
  12. Who are your best friends and why?
  13. What you don’t like them?
  14. What they don’t like you?
Set 4:

1. Name of the place you come from?

  1. What is your name?
  2. Your 10th class marks?
  3. What is the meaning of your name?
  4. Favourite subjects in class 10th?
  5. Things you want to change in your personality?
  6. Favourite teacher in class 10th, why?
  7. What type of friends do you like?
  8. Teacher/teachers, you didn’t like in 10th class, why? What type of friends you don’t like?
  9. Your 12th class marks?
  10. Tell something about your best friend?
  11. Favourite subjects in class 12th?
  12. Any responsible post held during your education days?

So, lads, these are some question set prepared by me I hope it will help.

Do well, all the best. Stay tuned to DDE.

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BlogsRapid Fire SSB : Question Sets For SSB Interview
BlogsRapid Fire SSB : Question Sets For SSB Interview
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