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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Kritin Sahota – Recommended from 31 SSB, Kapurthala (TGC-129)

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Kritin Sahota – Recommended from 31 SSB, Kapurthala (TGC-129)

Hello Everyone I’m Kritin Sahota from Mohali, Punjab and I recently got recommended for TGC-129 course from 31 SSB , Kapurthala.
I will tell you what all I experienced and this success story is for engineers especially mechanical who fear about technical questions being asked in interview as I’m mech engineer myself

So let’s begin with Day 1.


OIR was pretty easy time is very short so I would advice friends practise more and more oir questions .For ppdt have a mature story as we are all graduates so some sort Of maturity is expected from us .Give Narration with confidence and for GD don’t create fish market .Wait for that 1 sec pause ,concise your thoughts and execute what u have to say within that 1-2 sec gap when everyone stops speaking.


For pysch friends honestly I would advice you to practise once and get feel of timing so that you are not left surprised on the day of exam .Maintian positive thoughts in stories and other tests like wat srt .In srt don’t worry about quantity focus on quality.Prepare Self description  in advance and maintain uniformity in all these tests .Basically best way to score good in pysch as per my experience would be to link urself with piq and what we all did in our life this way it becomes easy to write stroies , words and situations .
Interview : I was asked briefly on myself ,my parents and general family members .Prepare some National and international news as IO might ask you these .For technical questions brush up your basics and be honest . Apologize for not knowing any answer but don’t beat around the bush .Remember we are tested our personality here not knowledge ! A smile on face would be good if u don’t know any answer as i did the same

Day 3 and 4:

For gto friends especially gd and lecture knowledge is key and this is acheived by reading more and more stuff on general day to day issues in our country.I prepared my gd and lecture from “151 essays by sc Gupta ” brief topic overview given helps to grasp more knowledge easily.
For PGT,HGT AND FGT remain at front with group and give ideas if not able to at least help your friends and work like team to solve fast and move ahead.For individual obstacles stamina is key .Running will help u Alot of covering obstacles and do basic strength training like pushup pull-up for rope related obstacles .Normally they r very easy and should not be given much concern as almost all candidate are able to do.
For command task call your friends with Josh and show energy while doing tasks . Obstacles are normrally easy and require thorough observation like small openings ,fittings with which we can extend our helping material and move forward Group obstacle race was really fun and in this I would like to tell you that frnds help those who have difficulties in climbing wall and rest other obstacles are cakewalk with group .

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Day 5 :

Conference day have good turn out  .Remember the fight is still not yet over till the results maintain Josh and optimism .I was asked questions regarding navy as I come from a defense background.Naturally the expectation rises when a candidate like this comes so please know your parents profession too ,their work profile etc .Conference is normally small but sometimes they ask questions related to ourself,and  performance so be prepared .

GD topics for our batch –

1.Women reservation on the basis of birth, qualifications or job
2.Election should be region based or one vote  one nation?

Lecture topics : NDI,Health index ,India’s missile program and best holiday i had (i spoke on this )

Remember in gd speak relevant point don’t speak for the sake of speaking i spoke only 1-2 giving my personal view in the topics don’t fight that’s all for gd.

Wish you all success.

Jai hind.

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HeroesKritin Sahota - Recommended from 31 SSB, Kapurthala (TGC-129)
HeroesKritin Sahota - Recommended from 31 SSB, Kapurthala (TGC-129)


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