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Sunday, April 14, 2024

An Untold tale: Why Gorkhas are the fiercest fighters of Indian Army

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An Untold tale: Why Gorkhas are the fiercest fighters of the Indian Army

The Gorkha Regiment is one of the most decorated regiments of the Indian Army with 3 Param Vir Chakra and many distinguished honors. You must have heard of various quotes that unveils the valor of the Gorkhas of the Indian Army.

Their courage is not only limited to books and quotes indeed they are courageous, but this is also why Hitler once said,

“If I got the Gurkhas in my side, I can conquer the entire globe”.

gorkha regiment indian army

Gurkhas are thus the fiercest fighters in the entire world.

These men are so bold that when they run out of ammunition they simply charge the enemies with their khukris, traditional knife.

Also, the Gurkhas are usually from higher terrain so well versed with fighting skills in the higher altitudes.

Much Bravehearts like Victoria Cross Capt. Gaje Ghale PVC awardees, Capt. Gurbacahan Singh Salaria, Maj. Dhan Singh Thapa and Lt. Manoj Pandey are from Gorkha Regiment.

Also, the great Army chiefs like Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, General Dalbir Singh Suhag, and General Bipin Rawat had been a part of Gorkha Regiment of Indian Army.

There are many tales and stories which shows how brave the Gurkha soldiers are.

One such story I am going to share with you guys in this particular blog.

gorkhas regiment indian army
Gorkha Soldier of Indian Army (PC: Phillip de Souza)

“If a man is not afraid of dying either he is lying or he is a Gorkha”.

The untold tale of a brave Gurkha jawan:

This story was narrated to me by a retired Colonel Sir in my acquaintances.

The story was in the background of the 1971 war when a Gurkha battalion was posted to the western frontier, with the clouds of 1971 war roaming over the country.

During a night, when a group of three Gurkha soldiers was posted as a sentry in the post, one soldier fell asleep.

At that time the CO of the battalion arrived for an inspection.

According to Army protocols, the weapon assigned to a soldier should be kept with them throughout their tenure of duty and are their responsibility.

Knowing the fact, the CO of the battalion took away the rifle of the soldier who was fast asleep.

gorkhas regiment indian army

The next morning the CO made the entire battalion line up and to inspect their weapons.

The CO  check the weapons of all soldiers, to his surprise, the jawan whose rifle had been taken by him was also having a rifle.

The CO called him after the inspection.

And asked with a smile that his rifle had been taken by him, from where he got another one.

The Gurkha soldier boldly told him that, “Sir I thought my rifle was taken by the enemy, so just before the dawn I cross the line, slay an enemy with my khukri, and took his rifle back with me”.

The CO was shocked by the brave act of his Gorkha soldier.

CO asked that don’t you fear to cross the line alone.

He replied,“Saab, kafar hunu bhanda marno ramro”.

Which Nepali means “It’s better to die than to live like a coward”.

The CO with a giggling smile on his face asked him to get along.

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BlogsAn Untold tale: Why Gorkhas are the fiercest fighters of Indian Army
BlogsAn Untold tale: Why Gorkhas are the fiercest fighters of Indian Army


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