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Friday, September 24, 2021

12 SSB Attempts 4 Screen Outs 6 CO And 2 Recommendations

12 SSB Attempts 4 Screen Outs 6 CO And 2 Recommendations

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ssb success story ota chennai

SSB Success story of Himanshu, recommended in 12th attempt [SSC Tech 54] from SSB Bhopal for OTA Chennai. Hello Everyone, Life is story of setbacks and success is the end product if you never give up.

This is Himanshu Joshi and I wish to put some light on my journey to one of the best Roller coaster called service selection board.

Brief summary : 12 Attempts out of which 4 screen outs 6 conference outs and 2 Recommendations.

Life seems harsh when all the rolling stones seems to fall on your side. After the initial attempts even the little mistakes led to the painful results but you just have to wait for that 1% luck to be on your side when you had 99% hard work to sum up result to 100% success.

There were the times when the dream to wear that olive green seemed unreachable but my mind never settled for other professions. After a day of setback , next morning always brought a spark of sunshine in me.



1st Recommendation (11th attempt):

1 AFSB Dehradun on 3rd December 2018 for AFCAT entry :

It was my third air force entry. Before us , 2 batches were washed out by the same board. 256 reported  and out of that 65 got screened in. I was given  63 as my chest number and was  been put along with 9 other for other tasks.

We had our psychology the same day and went back to our rooms .

Next day we had our Ground tasks and as all were hardcore repeaters so a fight for dominance could easily be seen in group.

After the Ground tasks I had my interview scheduled. My interview didn’t went as expected but I didn’t thought about that much.

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On our conference day , The conference didn’t went for more than 30 seconds for every one.

After conference got over our board president came up with the results and we were expecting at least 5 recommendations but he straight away called chest no. 63 and said that’s it for today.

I was numb for 2 seconds and with flash back of all unsuccessful attempts inside my head I got emotional.

My parents got were happy after listening the news but the happiness didn’t last long when I got merit out.

recommended in 12th attempt

2nd Recommendation ( 12th attempt):

1st of December 2019 for SSC Tech 54 entry:

I had to go back to climb the corporate ladders. The pain of merit out was still fresh.

I got call letter for SSC TECH – 54 and centre being allotted was Bhopal.

I along with 309 other candidates reported on 27th of November.

Getting screened in was always tough in direct entries. Out of 310 , 36 got screened in.

I knew I had to convert this opportunity into recommendation. After documentation we were send back to our room.

Next day we had our psychology , I had my interview scheduled the same day with Maj General Ajay H Chauhan sir . He was board president and the interview went pretty well.

We had our Ground tasks the next day and as always I performed good in that.

I performed upto my expectations in all the tasks.



On the day of conference , I could feel the vibes. I went inside the conference hall n I was asked just 3 basic questions regarding my stay.After the conference we were made seated in a hall where we had our psychology and atmosphere was intense. After little wait  a beautiful lady with lieutenant Colonel rank came upto the podium with a single paper in hand.

She explained about ways to write the psychology and at last declared the result saying “gentleman only one out of you all could make it” and then she called  chest number. I was broke out in tears and wait for that + chest number was finally over ( In Air Force they don’t provide you with + chest number after recommendation) .

I had my medicals done where I was declared fit to join OTA for course of April 2020.

To all the buddies who have a dream to wear that olive green  I just want to say that just don’t let it go until you achieve it even if you fail numerous times because :

Some goals are so worthy, It’s glorious even to fail.

Warm regards


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