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Induction Process At Indian Military Academy

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Induction Process At Indian Military Academy [Formalities, Leave, Facilities, etc.]

The Indian Military Academy (IMA) Dehradun is the premier Institution of the Country that trains Gentlemen Cadets (GC) for commission in the Indian Army. It is an Institution with a strong discipline which provides training in leadership and the art of war. The training at IMA is aimed at the complete development of the qualities that are essential for leadership. The training at the IMA thus develops the qualities of patriotism, character, dynamism and understanding that forms the basis of leadership in war and peace.

Entering the IMA: The World Class Training Institute

The entry to the IMA starts with the receipt of the joining instructions. After that the candidates have to follow the procedure as stated. The rules that the candidates have to follow for the IMA training are given below:

Completing Formalities before Joining IMA

Acknowledgment: Immediately on receipt of the Joining Instructions, acknowledgement will be sent, as per given format with a copy to Adjutant IMA, Dehradun.

Documentation: The following documents duly completed will be brought by the GCs and will be checked on arrival at the Academy:

(a) Original/Ink signed Call Letter/Joining Instruction from Recruiting Directorate, Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (IHQ of MoD (Army)).

(b) Proof of Identity (Issued by Government Authorities, i.e. Voter Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport, PAN Card etc).

(c) Original Matric or equivalent certificate to support date of birth.

(d) Original Matric/class 10 marks sheet.

(e) Original class 12 certificate & marks sheet.

(f) Original Degree or Provisional Degree of Graduation from Recognized University.

(g) Original Degree marks sheets of all terms/semesters of Graduation.

(h) Original Degree or Provisional Degree for Post Graduation from a Recognized University, as applicable.

(j) Original marks sheets of all terms/semesters of Post Graduation, as applicable.

(k) Migration Certificate.

(l) Medical Certificate duly signed by Registered Medical Practitioner as per attached Appendix.

(m) Parents’ Income Certificate as per attached Appendix.

(n) Bond to be signed by the GCs parents/guardians as per attached Appendix.

(o) Supplementary Agreement as per attached Appendix (only in case of provisional admission of Direct Entry and for Technical Graduates Course and University Entry Scheme GCs). GCs with provisional admission have to submit/deposit a Demand Draft/Cash in favour of “Commandant Indian Military Academy, Dehradun” for the duration of training @ Rs. 9488/-per week.

(p) Risk Certificate to be signed by Parents/Guardians of the candidate selected for training as per attached Appendix.

(q) Risk Certificate to be signed by Candidates selected for training as per attached Appendix.

(r) All candidates should be in possession of PAN Cards at the time of joining the Academy. If not, then they should apply for the same immediately.

(s) All candidates should be in possession of Aadhar Card at the time of joining the Academy. If not, then they should apply for the same immediately.

(t) An affidavit duly signed by a notary is required in case of discrepancy in name from the Matriculation Certificate. Name & Date of Birth as mentioned in the Matric Certificate will be treated as final.

(u) All GCs will bring 10 copies of their photographs in white shirt and necktie. The size of each photograph should be approximately 4.5 x 3.5 cms ( five copies) with light skyblue background and 3.5 x 2.5 cms ( five copies) with light skyblue background.

NOTE: All documents will have to be completed and signed as per instructions given in the respective formats.

Signing of the Bond: It has been an experience that a number of Candidates do not get the Bond signed by their parents, prior to joining this Academy. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. The following procedure will be followed for GCs who fail to produce the Bond:

(a) All GCs who do not submit the Agreement Bond on joining will deposit 15 days training charges (Rs. 9488/- per week) to cover this period of training.

(b) If after first 15 days the Bond is still not received, the training charges will be recovered until the Agreement Bond is received (max upto 3 months).

(c) If the Bond is submitted, the GC will be refunded the cost of training deposited by him as given above. If the Bond is not submitted by the third month, the GC will be withdrawn from the IMA.

Provisional Induction in the IMA

The GCs are admitted provisionally if they fail to produce the required documents and bonds as required. Here are the further procedure:

Grace Period: In case a GC is inducted as per Supplementary Agreement and he is not able to produce requisite Education Qualification Certificate within 30 days of joining the Academy, he may be permitted to extend this period to a further 30 days provided he deposits an amount at the rate of Rs. 9488/- per week.

Extension: In no case such extensions for submission of Education Qualification/Degree be permitted beyond three months.

Withdrawl: If a GC admitted provisionally fails to deposit the requisite Education Degree within the above period, he will be automatically withdrawn from the Academy and the money deposited by him will be forfeited. No representations in this regard will be accepted thereafter.

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Medical Fitness of the GCs

GCs will bring with them a Medical Certificate on the attached format signed by a qualified medical practitioner or a Military Medical Officer. In the absence of this certificate they will NOT be admitted in the Academy. If a GC is exposed to any infection or contagious disease, before joining the Academy, he will inform the Adjutant, IMA. Under no circumstances he will join IMA, until permission to do so is obtained from competent Military Medical Authorities.

Clothing Items of the GCs

GCs are required to bring with them following items of clothing for use till such time the clothing of Academy pattern is issued to them. Here are the details of the clothing items:

Clothing Items Number of Items
Winter Sports Coat or Blazer (preferably Blue Colour) 1
Woolen Trouser to be worn alongwith Coat or Blazer (preferably grey flannel) 1
Pullover (White) 1
Shirt (White) 4 (2 Full Sleeves)
Shorts (White) 2
Black Brogue Shoes 1
Bed Sheet (White) 2
Towel (White) 2
Socks Nylon (White Plain) 4
Socks Nylon (Black Plain) 4
Handkerchiefs 12
Steel Box Black (Length -35”,Height – 11”, Width – 19”) 1
Turbans (for Sikh candidates only) 2 Each ( Red, Black, Grey and OG)

GCs are forbidden to bring any of the following items :-

(a) PC, Laptop and Multimedia mobile phones, I Pads, Storage devices.

(b) TV Sets or Music System.

(c) Dogs or Pets.

(d) Motor Cycle, Scooter, Bicycles or Car.

(e) Air Guns, Pistols, fire arms and ammunition.

(f) Private Servant.

(g) Wines, Spirits, Malt, Liqueurs.

(h) Articles of value or jewellery.

(j) Cigarettes or smoking material and intoxicating material (including drugs).

(k) Pornographic material.

(l) Electrical appliances including refrigerator, heater etc.

Leave/Vacations during the Training

Except for leave on medical grounds, no other kind of leave or absence during the period of training will be granted. Leave for wedding ceremonies and funerals is permissible only in case of blood relations and exceptional cases. No leave is permitted for any kind of festivals or similar events/occasions. The IMA is closed for vacations as under:-

(a) Summer Vacation (June -July) – Four weeks.

(b) Winter Vacation (December – January) – Four weeks.

(c) Mid Term Break – One week (conditional).

GCs will be permitted to proceed home during the vacation subject to certain conditions like passing various tests in basic minimum standards. A number of adventure hikes are also organized for GCs of 1st and 2nd term to various places of interest around Dehradun during midterm break. The final decision as to whether or not they should be permitted to proceed home during the vacation shall, however, rest with Commandant, IMA.

Rules for Visitors

GCs may receive visitors only after four weeks of commencement of term. The visitors are allowed to visit only on Sunday/Holiday from 0900 to 1800 hours during summers and 0900 to 1700 hours during winters. No accommodation is provide to parents/visitor at IMA therefore parents/visitor should stay under own arrangements.

Resignation of GCs

GCs wishing to resign after joining the Academy will forward their application in writing to the Commandant along with written consent of his parent/guardian. Such GCs will be allowed to resign after necessary recovery in Cash/Draft on account of cost of training,  and allied services. At present the cost of training is Rupees 9488/- per week which will be calculated from the day of joining to the day he is struck off strength of the Academy.

Facilities for GCs at IMA

Reception: IMA will establish a Reception Centre at Dehradun railway station and bus stand from 0600 to 2000 hours for a week prior to commencement of the term. Transport will be available for conveyance of GCs and their baggage to IMA.

GCs coming by private conveyance or travelling by air or reaching after 2000 hours are advised to report to Reception Center at IMA under own arrangements and report to Adjutant/Assistant Adjutant, IMA.


Direct Entry: GCs will be provided with free accommodation and will be allotted furnished cabins.

Technical Graduate/University Entry Scheme: GCs will be provided with furnished cabins on nominal rent.


Direct Entry: GCs will be provided with free messing and allied services (including light, hot water, conservancy and laundry).

Technical Graduate/University Entry Scheme: GCs will be provided with messing and allied services on nominal payment (including light, hot water, conservancy and laundry).

Clothing and Equipment:

In order to ensure uniformity and correct pattern, clothing and equipment will be issued at the Academy. The cost of clothing and equipment will be debited from the Personal Outfit Allowance and the Initial Outfit Allowance authorised to the Gentlemen Cadets. Bicycles are also issued to GCs for moving inside the Academy.


A large number of hobbies are encouraged in the IMA to include Riding & Polo, Shooting, Golf, Workshops, Music & Drama, Arts, Camera, Driving & Maintenance etc.

GCs can join the club of their choice. They may bring club material which they possess. Joining one of the clubs is mandatory.


Games are an important part of the curriculum in the Academy. The major activities include Hockey, Football, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Cricket, Athletics, Swimming, Boxing, Tennis, Polo and Golf. The extensive facilities available for games and sports include one Olympic size swimming pool, a stadium, a well-equipped gymnasium, several squash and tennis courts, a golf course and a large number of play fields for hockey, football, cricket, basket-ball, polo and other games. The Academy has a large number of horses and a wide inventory of water sports equipment. It also has an indoor shooting range.

In case GCs are in possession of any sports gear, they are permitted to bring the same alongwith them.

Recreation & Shopping Complex

Movies are screened thrice a week for GCs i.e. English Movie on Wednesdays and Hindi Movie on Saturdays and Sundays at the IMA Auditorium.

Each Company in IMA is having a well furnished Ante Room for GC to socialise/interact in off parade hours. The Ante rooms have a good ambience and state of art facilities for entertainment to include Home Theatre system, Billiards Table, Table Tennis, a mini library etc.

A number of well furnished cafeterias and shopping complex are there in Academy Campus.

There is a well-stocked CSD canteen providing all grocery items required for daily use by GCs.

Banking and Postal Service

IMA has a branch of State Bank of India with ATM facility within the Academy premises which provides banking facility to all Gentlemen Cadets. ATM facilities of PNB and HDFC are also available within the campus. IMA has a Post Office within its campus.

Communication Facility

Internet is available in all company ante rooms. The GCs are permitted to use basic non multimedia mobiles for only communication purpose during laid down timings. Possession of a multimedia phone is strictly prohibited.

Medical Facilities for GCs

The Academy is posted with a Sports Medicine Officer and Regimental Medical Officer. It has a 20 bed Section Hospital and a Dental Section. The station also has the facilities of a well equipped Military Hospital which has specialist officers posted for Medical, Surgical, Pediatrician, EYE, ENT, Radiology, Orthopedics, Skin and Pathology. Medically ill/unfit GC will report to Section Hospital for treatment of their ailment.

There are strict discipline and rules in IMA. All the GCs have to follow these rules. With these rules, there are many additional facilities provided in between the training. The GCs take pride in being a part of the IMA.

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BlogsInduction Process At Indian Military Academy
BlogsInduction Process At Indian Military Academy
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