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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Australia Wants To Sell Next CQB Rifle To India

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Australia Wants To Sell Next CQB (Closer Quarters Battle) Rifle To India

The joint partnership of the Kalyani Group and Thales Australia has offered an export version of the CQB F88 for the new carbine requirement to India.

As per the reports India would be buying  72,400 SIG716 battle rifles and Caracal CAR816 as part of a 503 million dollar contract. The F88 export variant, dubbed the F90, was originally offered as a competitor to the CAR816, but will now be entered into a separated competition geared towards supplying the Indian Army with a new closer quarters battle (CQB) carbine.

In this article we will study about CQB rifles and so on.

CQB stands for close quarter battle weapon which will have a short barrel,high rate of fire, light weight and easily workable in confined spaces like built up areas, heavy undergrowth. You should be able to use it with or without a suppressor,with a folding butt. Accuracy may not be very important for CQB.

Indian Ministry of Defence posted in its solicitation that the CQB carbine needs to be chambered in 5.56×45 mm NATO, must possess a minimum effective range of 200 meters (218 yards), and has a 5 Minute Of Angle accuracy or better, out of the box.

Under license from Steyr by Lithgow Arms, the F90 is designed to be highly modular and can field a 40 mm SL40 under-barrel grenade launcher as well as a slew of other accessories and optics on its Picatinny rails.

  • The F90 comes with three barrel lengths – 360 mm, 407 mm and 508 mm.
  • The maximum length of the gun with its longest barrel is 802 mm.
  • M4 carbine comes in at 840 mm with its standard 370 mm barrel.
  • A two-stage trigger gives the operator the ability to fire in either a semi-automatic mode with the first stage of the pull, or a 3-round burst with the second stage.

India is currently in the midst of a massive rearmament program that will see its army phase out older weaponry in favor of a combination of newer hardware, popular with NATO members, as well as Indian-designed and produced guns and kit.

Indian Army’s Para SF brings in Tavor rifles , M4A1 Carbines , MP9 and Uzi SMGs along with a 9mm Sidearm ( Pistol 9mm 1A or Beretta 92SB ) for this operation which will involve a close quarter battle with terrorists.

In some cases Ghataks and local infantry can engage terrorists/militants in Close Quarter Battle where they are mostly armed with AKs available to them.

Lets hope India will soon procure this CQB rifle to boosts its warfare capabilities.

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BlogsAustralia Wants To Sell Next CQB Rifle To India
BlogsAustralia Wants To Sell Next CQB Rifle To India
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