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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Dhanush Howitzer Inducted Into Indian Army

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Dhanush Howitzer Inducted Into Indian Army

Hello lads.

How’s the Josh?

We have got a recent update that four indigenous ‘Dhanush’ Howitzers have been inducted into the Indian Army.

So in today’s blog, we are going to add up to your knowledge by telling you about the ‘Dhanush’ Howitzer.

The Dhanush Howitzer guns are technologically superior to Bofors due to modifications made to the barrel that improves its accuracy.

The Dhanush guns have been inducted at a ceremony held at the Ordinance factory in Jabalpur.

Facts About The Dhanush Howitzer Guns
  • The Dhanush gun system is based on designs of the Bofors howitzer inducted in the Army in the 1980s.
  • It is the third type of Artillery gun to be introduced into the force after the K-9 Vajra and the M-777 ultralight Howitzer.
  • Howitzer is 155mm X 45mm calibre artillery gun is capable of firing projectiles at a relatively higher angle.
  • The Dhanush is an indigenously built Artillery gun under the umbrella of Make In India.
  • It basically has a six round magazine with a longest firing range of about 38 km.
  • The range of Dhanush is basically 11kms more than the previously used Bofors gun.
  • Dhanush is also equipped with the inertial navigation based sighting system.
  • It also has a day and night direct firing system.
  • Dhanush allows it to deploy at mountainous terrain very easily.
  • With fully fledged advance technology these big guns will help us defend our country from the marauding neighbours.
  • Dhanush missile is manufactured by the Ordnance Factories Board.
  • A vehicle-mounted variant of the gun called Mounted Gun System was showcased at Defexpo 2018.
  • The gun is mounted on a 8 X 8 Tatra truck license manufactured by BEML.
  • The design of Howitzer is taken from Bofors Haubits FH77 which Indian acquired in the 1980s.

So, lads, Dhanush will be definitely going to be a game changer in India’s firepower working well in all weather conditions.

Also, this topic could be a hot potato with the SSB point of view for the candidates who are having recent SSBs.

Also, it is seen as a big success for India under the aegis of Make In India.

We should be proud of this indigenous development.

Stay tuned to DDE for more stuff.

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Jai Hind.

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BlogsDhanush Howitzer Inducted Into Indian Army
BlogsDhanush Howitzer Inducted Into Indian Army
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