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Saturday, June 15, 2024

What Makes The Kumaon Regiment Special?

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What Makes The Kumaon Regiment Special?

The Kumaon Regiment is one of the most decorated infantry regiments of the Indian Army. Mainly composed of Kumaonis of Uttarakhand and Ahirs from the plains of Haryana, the Regiment is known for its extreme level of courage. The courage is evident as 3 Param veer chakra recipients in India are from the Kumaon regiment. It has got the name after one of the two divisions of Uttarakhand: Kumaon and Garhwal. The other being Garhwal rifles. The Kumaon regiment has been a part of many major war and operations and the personnel have always shown great valour.

Major Wars Fought

  • In the 1947 war of independence, 4 Kumaon led by CC Major Somnath Sharma, PVC held the Srinagar airport and Badgam, keeping Kashmir under our control.
  • You must also have heard the name of the PVC recipient Major Shaitan Singh. The regiment also fought the Battle of Walong(6 Kumaon) and Battle of Rezang La(13 Kumaon) under his leadership.
  • In 1965, 4 Kumaon captured a feature after defeating SSG troops. This is incredible, and infantry battalion overthrowing a special force. Well, people also know this as the Battle of Kumaoni hill.
  • In the well-known operation Meghdoot of the Indian army, the Kumaon regiment was the first to land on Siachen to attempt capturing it. And along with the Ladakh scouts, they were also successful in capturing it.
  • And above all, they were the ones who cleared the Pakistani irregulars who entered the Indian side of the LOC.
  • Initially, the regiment had the name of 19th Hyderabad Regiment till 1945. Then on October 23, 1917, during World War I, the first all-Kumaon battalion was raised in Ranikhet.
  • This is the regiment having three war cries. Parakramo Vijayate (Valour Triumphs) is the motto of the Kumaon Regiment.
  • And let’s talk about world war II also. The Kumaon Rifles fought at Hong Kong and in Iran. And Kumaonis also fought in the eastern theatre in Burma and the Malay Peninsula.
  • And the braveheart Major Somnath Sharma of 4th battalion Kumaon Regiment was the first recipient of the Param veer chakra. This was due to his encouragement to men to fight the Pakistanis in the Battle of Budgam that they won.
  • The Regiment has also produced three Army chiefs – the highest by any infantry regiment. General S.M. Shrinagesh, General K.S. Thimayya and General T.N. Raina.
  • And lastly, the Regiment also has 4 Ashok Chakras, three of which went to 15 Kumaon and one to 13 Kumaon.

2 Paramvir chakra, 4 Ashok Chakra, 10 Mahavir Chakra, 6 Kirti Chakra, and many other Yudh Seva medals of the regiment are enough to inspire young Patriots. So let’s learn from these great personalities and give them a salute.

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BlogsWhat Makes The Kumaon Regiment Special?
BlogsWhat Makes The Kumaon Regiment Special?
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