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Saturday, June 15, 2024

DHANUSH- The “Desi Bofors” (Current Affairs)

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Dhanush- The Indigenously Built Artillery Gun

The Indian Army is about to receive its first batch of indigenously build artillery gun. Since this is the time when many of applications are open for SSB all the applicants are in a race to grab knowledge what so ever possible. Knowing about the components used by the forces will help you to enhance your general knowledge and will make you more confident to be it the personal interview or the lecturrette. Through this post, we will learn about the recent indigenisation of Dhanush Artillery Gun and other facts related to it. So stick on to the post.

The recent news.

The Indian army will receive its first batch of indigenously built Dhanush artillery guns next week. This weapon is the first long-range artillery gun which is to be produced in India through the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Having undergone several tests under all conditions, finally, these guns have received the bulk production clearance with 114 such guns to be produced for the Indian Army. It has been developed by the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) and further manufactured by the army’s central ordinance depot based in Jabalpur. Five guns out of total order of 114 are likely to be handed over by the OFB to the army’s central ordinance Depot and many more to be manufactured in future. By the end of this year, the army is likely to induct a Dhanush regiment with a capacity of 18 guns and post it along the border of China and Pakistan.

The Dhanush guns.

The 45 calibre 155mm Dhanush gun which is also referred to as “desi Bofors” has a six round magazine and the longest firing range up to 38kms which is 11km more than the Bofors gun. This gun is equipped with the inertial navigation based sighting system and day and night direct firing system. Equipped with several significant advanced features including an all-electric drive, quick deployability, high mobility, advanced communication systems and automated command and control system. The self-propulsion unit of Dhanush allows it to negotiate and deploy itself in the mountainous terrain with the ease.
Fact: to have a range of 38kms is really great! This is about the plane. But in the higher altitudes, where the density of air would be lesser and where the operational desires are high, a much bigger range can be achieved.
This is very creditable part of the OFB and all the other organisations since this is the only gun produced after the Bofors and that too fully indigenous. Induction of this gun is part of the Indian army’s ‘mediumisation’ of the artillery which mainly targets to replace ‘field guns’ of calibre such as 105 mm and 120 mm with medium guns as this is.
Similar to Bofors, which had played a benchmark role by targeting the military installations of Pakistan while in the time of Kargil, this gun has also got 155mm calibre. A vehicle-mounted variant of Dhanush gun called Mounted Gun System was showcased by OFB at the Defexpo 2018. This gun is mounted on an 8×8 Tatra truck license manufactured by BEML and has a 30 km/h cross country speed and 80 km/h road speed.

The requirement.

The sour truth is that we share a border with our neighbours whose ideology is totally different. you never know when the situation arises for a fully fledged two front war. the border of a range of 7000kms with China and 4000kms with Pakistan certainly requires a heavy deployment of the combat weapons such as Dhanush.

The Make in India component.

As the Indian army is modernising, the requirement of artillery which is also recognised as the god of war is very important. But the fact remains that the proof of the putting is in eating it and that will be only when the mass production starts. Of course, every organisation which has played its role while developing this gun is credible. For example, here, the barrel of the gun was produced by the Bharat Forge in conjunction with the OFB. Similarly, many private sector companies have interfered in producing it be it the metal and other components required. At the end of the day, this move is welcomed.

We all have an unbreakable belief in our army which bears all the wounds given by the enemies. Here the modernisation of the army is very necessary and yes it is been done and further developments are in process. Hope that in future when the time is not in our favour, our army sustains strong facing the enemies with the help of the modernised weapons.

Stay tuned with DDE for more updates.

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BlogsDHANUSH- The "Desi Bofors" (Current Affairs)
BlogsDHANUSH- The "Desi Bofors" (Current Affairs)
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