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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Desi NGARM-All You Need To Know

Desi NGARM-All You Need To Know

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Hello aspirants,

The DRDO is focusing on a significant upgrade of arms and ammunition along with missiles for an upper hand during a war like situations. Anti-radiation missiles will play a crucial role in air-to-ground warfare against radar installations with the aim of achieving air superiority. In this post, we will talk about the New Gen Anti-Radiation Missiles that is being developed by the DRDO. This post will be helpful for all the defence aspirants for SSB.

Important Points:
  • NGARM stands for New Generation Anti-Radiation Missile which is a state-of-the-art missile developed by DRDO.
  • This new-generation anti-radiation missile (NGARM), with a strike range of 100 kilometres is indigenously built air-to-surface missile along with the seeker.
  • Seeker is the eye of the missile. It transmits radio frequency pulses and receives the echo from the intended target object like bat use this technique to search for food or fly during the night. After signal processing, the range of the target is calculated.
  • The missile will feature a millimetre wave seeker capable of lock-on before launch and lock-on after launch modes.
  • Missile navigation and guidance towards the target during the midcourse is based on the continuous inputs from sensors like INS (inertial navigation system) and passive homing seeker.
  • The new ARM tech missiles will be mounted on the combat aircraft of IAF like the Su-30MKI and HAL Tejas.
  • The ARM technique as the name says is used to target that radiates emission like the enemy radars etc.
  • The missile is approx 5.5 m with a cruciform wing surfaces to meet the manoeuvrability requirements. The all-movable tail control surfaces provide control in pitch/yaw/roll planes. The weight of the missile is around 600kg and a dual-pulse robust powered rocket motor system.
  • The benefit of dual pulse propulsion is that it will widen the envelope as well as the engagement capability of the missile.
  • Mid-course guidance accomplished through inertial navigation and PHH (passive homing head) seeker. The terminal guidance is through millimetre wave (MMW) active seeker.

With all these abilities the new ARM missile will provide a boost in the national security during peace and wartime. DRDO is continuously working to the best of their abilities to impart all the new technology to our armed forces.

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BlogsDesi NGARM-All You Need To Know
BlogsDesi NGARM-All You Need To Know


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