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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Helping Hands Of Defence-All You Need To Know

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Helping hands of defence- all u need to know

"With great responsibility comes the great power",yes the defence forces. Defence forces  is not only about
physical or hand to hand combat. Nowadays,the science & technology, cryptology, cybersquad, Military intelligence is
playing vital role.Here the organisations like DRDO,HAL,BEL & GRSE is contributing to make worlds best defence of the

1.DRDO(Defence Research and Development Organisation)

It is an agency under Government of India,cahrged with military's research and development,HQ DRDO Bhavan in New Delhi.Formed in 1958,under the administrative control of ministry of defence,
Govt of India.It always stands out on his motto "Stength's Origin is in Science" and delivers the best to forces.Nearly 30,000 employees(5000 scientists) network of 52 labs working in different areas on various researches. It is one of the largest and diverse research organisation.Some of its projects include on work like

a).Aeronautics-In this field, responsible for ongoing LCA(Light Combat Aircraft).This project has allowed DRDO to progress
in the fields of avionics,flight control systems etc.Aeronautical Develpoment team Agency is responsible for the design
and development of the fifth generation aircraft.Some of other work includes HAL Dhruv,HAL HJT-36,Avatar(Spacecraft),Unmanned
aerial vehicles etc.
b).Armaments– Recently,Ministry of Defence approved the proposal to buy 10 lakhs'Made in India' hand grenades for Army.Its
main focus is to introduce new items ,including variant of AK-47 and other.Some of its project consist of small arms(Insas),
Explosives,Artilery systems etc.
c).Electronics and computer sciences-One of most dangesrous and powerful tool computer plays a vital role in cryptology,image
processing .Signal Corps is prime contributor in the design and development satge,along with DRDO's DLRL.SAG(Scientific Analysis Group) is  lab located in  Metcalf House ,Delhi working on cryptology.

2.HAL(Hindustan Aeronautics Limited)

Indian state-owned aerospace and defence company headquartered in Bangluru,India.It was founded in 1940 as Hindustan Aircraft and renamed as Hindustan Aeronautics in 1964.Nearly 32,108 employees are currently working and involved in design,fabrication and assembly of aircraft,jet engines,helicopters and their spare parts.Now let us look at some products developed by them

a).Agriculture aircraft
     1.HA-31 Basant
b).Fighter aircraft
     1.HF-24-Marut-Mk1 and Mk1T
     3.Su-30MKI-a derivate of the sukhoi Su-27,co developed with sukhoi
     4.AMCA-India's indigenous stealth fighter(under development)
     1. Dhruv-Advanced Light Helicopter
     2. Light Comabat Helicopter
     3. Indian Multi-role Helicopter
     4. Rudra-Attack Helicopter
d).Trainer aircraft
     1.HT-2-First company designer to enter production
      2.HPT-32 Deepak- Basic trainer in service for more than three decades
      3.HJT-16 Kiran
It has also its name among Engines,Observation and reconnaissance aircraft,transport and passenger aircraft,utility aircraft,gliders,UAVs etc.

3.BEL(Bharat Electronics Limited)

Navratna status indian state owned aerospace and defence company headquartered in Karnataka(Bengaluru) comprising of 9 factories and several regions in India.It deals in Avionics,radars,weapon systems, electronic voting machines,etc. some of its products include

b.Voter-verified paper audit trail
c.Traffic signals
      1.BEL Weapon Locating radars
      2.Bel Battle Field Surveillance Radar
      3.Indian Doppler Radar
      4.Samyukta Electronic Warfare System
e.Sound and vison broacasting
f.Missiles and sonar

4.GRSE(Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers)

A new name is one of india's leading Shipyards ,located in Kolkata,West Bengal. It's sevices includes ship design,building and repairs and deals in naval ships,tankers,bulk carriers,platform supply and
vessels.Founded in 1884 as a private company on bank of Hooghly River,renamed as GRSE in 1916.Its construction includes
a). Commercial Vessels-Among this it builds oceanographic and hydrographic research vessels,marine acoustic research,tugboats.
b).Naval vessels-It has designed and built a number of warships and patrol vessels for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard.Vessels
built at GRSE include guided-missile frigates,corvettes,fleet tankers and hovercart and some examples of amphibious warfare vessels MAGAR and SHRADUL CLASSES. Indian govt, also approved the construction of seven Project 17A-class frigates,three of which will be constructed by GRSE. India is in elite club of warship exporters as it has role in exporting

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BlogsHelping Hands Of Defence-All You Need To Know
BlogsHelping Hands Of Defence-All You Need To Know
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