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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Keerat Kaur Marwah – An inspiration amongst us

Keerat Kaur Marwah – An inspiration amongst us

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Keerat K. Marwah. I am a 4th year undergraduate BA LL.B student, currently studying in Ahmedabad. What I am going to share with you is not how my SSB Interview was or how many attempts have I made (for I am yet to appear) but it is a story as to what inspired me and kept me going to pursue the Armed Forces.

Six years ago, I had no whatsoever goal or aim in my life. I believed that whatever is written in my fate would come to me eventually, so why bother picking up goals or pushing yourself about it.  But a particular incident shook me up whereby my dream to join the Armed forces came into the picture.  I remember the day as vividly as it was yesterday. It was Recess time and all my friends had gathered near the foyer discussing about the weather and the half yearly exams that were round the corner, when suddenly one of our friends popped the question, ‘ Where do you see yourselves in the next 6 years?’ this created a lot of buzz and then one by one all of them said one thing i.e. to Join Army.

Everyone that I knew had one thing in common which was joining the forces just like their fathers and mothers had and to serve the nation. It was the first time that I realized that being born and brought up in the very same environment and alongside having friends who aimed to join the same, why couldn’t I?

And from then on I have only one aim in life: To Join the Forces. But my journey so far has been a rough one. They say that the path to Success is a muddy one. But for me it has proved to be a Herculean task.  The main obstacle that I have been facing all this while is my medical issue. So when I discussed my newfound goal to my parents, the first thing that we did was a physical checkup to rule out whether or not I suffered any sever problems which would hamper my medicals. And yes, there turned out to be quite a handful of matters, which would lead to straight away rejection. 

I was told that I have knock-knees and due to that flat feet and these two factors can surely put you out of the game. Initially I had taken a setback but then on  I worked on the issue to  the best of my intention. I wore special slippers and shoes which would help create an arch and did every form of exercise to reduce my knock knees. So far they have created not much of difference. But another incident shook me to the core, whereby by I was told that I have Scoliosis and that there is no way that it can be cured. I was asked to let go of the thought of joining Army and think of something else to pursue in my life.

This incident has and still does sends chills down my spine and scares me. Everyone around me kept on saying that I should start looking up other opportunities than to be hell-bent on one goal.  Having realized that there is nothing that gives me excitement, the rush or the pride than to serve my Nation, I have made a promise to myself to work and rule out every other factor, which would prove to be a hurdle, an obstacle in me joining the Forces and not to give up on my dream. For I am not sure what the future holds for me but I am very sure where I see my self in the next few years.

What I would like to let you all know is that there will be times when you would feel that everything around you is about to crumble, that all your efforts are turning out fruitless, in that moment rather than letting yourself down just think of reasons why you had that aim or goal in life in the first place. Don’t let your fears ruin your future. Work round the corner and keep yourself determined. This is what will help you to push yourself in the worst of the times and would bring a smile when you would achieve your goal.

HeroesKeerat Kaur Marwah - An inspiration amongst us
HeroesKeerat Kaur Marwah - An inspiration amongst us


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