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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Indian Army pay scale 2019 (Officers, JCO’s and NCO’s)

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Indian Army pay scale 2019 (Officers, JCO’s and NCO’s)


Hello folks, hope you all are hale and hearty.

Indian Army is an organization that not only gives pride, honor and an adventurous life. But also it gives you a handsome salary and perks. Be it an officer or a soldier.

Indian Army is an organization known for its discipline and chivalry, and also seen as very secure career options by many youngsters.

All it needs is your will to serve your nation with full dedication and in return, you get a life king size.

In this blog, we are going to unveil you with the pay scale and perks of the officers, JCO’s and NCO’s serving in the Indian Army.

Serving in the Army is really a tough job because there is a risk to your every time. So should be the salary for these tough men.

After the 7th pay commission there is a very good hike in the salary of all the ranks of the Indian Army and is discussed as follows:


Pay Scale Commissioned Officers:


After the 7th pay commission, a Lieutenant could expect some 65000 Rupees pm CTC that is a handsome amount for people ranging around 21-24 years.

And therefore the Army is a dream job for many aspirants.

The detailed pay scale and promotion eligibility are given in the snippet below:


Pay Scale for JCO’s and NCO’s:


When we talk about army it not only rely upon the officers but does rely on their troops that is the subordinates JCO’s and the NCO’s

After the 7th pay commission, the salary of the soldiers also had been hiked with a handsome amount which had been discussed in the snippet below:


Other allowance paid to the personnel:


Apart from their basic salary the Army personnel also earn other allowances depending upon:

  • Their place of posting
  • Training allowances for special courses
  • Special Force allowances
  • Many regiments sometimes have their own perks also which are basically discussed in the snippet below



Other perks:

Other than the salary and allowances, there are many perks for army personnel.

Canteen facility for grocery as well as liquor requirement of the personnel as well as their families at subsidized rates.

Moreover, Army also provides the medical facilities to the service personnel as well as to ex-servicemen.


So, lads, there are endless benefits of being a part of these prestigious organization.

Buck up, pull your socks all this is waiting for you, burn it and earn it. Stay tuned DDE.

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BlogsIndian Army pay scale 2019 (Officers, JCO’s and NCO’s)
BlogsIndian Army pay scale 2019 (Officers, JCO’s and NCO’s)
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